How to set up PSVR on PS5

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The goods news for previous PSVR owners on PS4, the set up is almost exactly the same on PS5. The biggest difference is that you'll need to use an adapter to plug in the PlayStation Camera. Sony allows you to request a free PSVR adapter from its support website if you enter your device's serial number. Other than that, the process of setting it all of is relatively painless.

And for anyone wondering if you can just use the new PS5 HD Camera with PSVR, the answer is no; the new camera does not have a motion tracker. For whatever reason, the support just isn't there, and the two devices are not compatible with one another. It should also be noted that you'll want to play these PSVR games with the older DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move controllers as the DualSense may have some trouble with motion controls.

Regardless of whether you have an older PSVR CUH-ZVR1 unit or the newer CUH-ZVR2 unit, the setup is mostly the same.

How to set up PSVR on PS5

  1. Turn off your PS5 completely. Please do not put it in Rest Mode.
  2. Unplug the HDMI cable from your PS5 and connect it to the port labeled HDMI TV on the PSVR processing unit.

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)
  1. Connect the PlayStation Camera to your PS5 using the HDMI adapter provided by Sony. Ideally, the camera should be placed around 5 feet above the floor.
  2. Connect the separate HDMI cable provided with your PSVR unit between the PS5 and the port labeled HDMI PS4 (this will work with PS5).
  3. Connect the provided USB cable between the front of your PS5 and the back of the processing unit.

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)
  1. Connect the power supply to the back of the PSVR unit and plug the other end into an electrical outlet.
  2. Connect the PSVR headset cables by matching them up to the symbols on the processing unit (CUH-ZVR2) or inline connector (CUH-ZVR1) depending on which model you have.

  1. Turn on your PS5.
  2. Press the power button on your headset (CUH-ZVR2) or inline remote (CUH-ZVR1).
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and you're good to go.
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