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Sell a T-Mobile Cliq XT in 60 seconds

The T-Mobile Cliq XT sales pamphlet has been spotted in the wild and though it's not as exciting as seeing the actual device in the wild, there's always little quirks you can find in these pamphlets. Case in point: T-Mobile details how you can sell the Cliq XT in 60 seconds, telling sales reps to cite that it's the thinnest Android phone on T-Mobile, has access to Android Market, Flash lite, 5-megapixel camera and of course, Motoblur. Oddly enough, T-Mobile didn't give an answer to why the Cliq XT still comes with Android 1.5 in that 60 second sales pitch. Just saying..

Hit the link for more pictures of the Cliq XT sales pamphlet! [via engadgetmobile]

  • More like how to sell an ugly piece of shit in 60 seconds. Seriously the front of the phone looks sooooo bad. 1.5 also wtf.
  • im pretty sure our internal docs said it was 1.6. Ill have to double check the live demo we have had for a bit.
  • It's slower than the regular cliq! I got to play with one when I was making tmo swap my cliq for a mytouch 3g/3.5mm. The xt sucks!