How to save a transcript in the Google Translate app on Android

Google Translate Conversation
Google Translate Conversation (Image credit: Android Central)

Not everyone is well-versed in multiple languages. Thanks to modern technology, we can overcome language barriers with a simple Android app on your phone. The Google Translate app is super user-friendly and translates various mediums such as text, pictures, and audio. For example, you can save your translated audio transcripts in the Google Translate app. Here's how you can keep those transcripts inside the app on your Android phone.

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The best translation app: Google Translate (Free at App Store)

How to save a transcript in the Google Translate app on Android

  1. Open Google Translate on your Android phone.
  2. Tap Transcribe to translate the audio.Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central

  1. Once the audio has been translated and transcribed, tap the star on the upper right corner.

Google Translate Transcribe 3

Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)
  1. Type the name you want to save your transcript under.
  2. Tap Save.Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central

  1. To find your saved file, tap the three lines on the upper left corner of the app.
  2. Look for the Saved transcripts option and tap it to find your saves.Source: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central

Once you've done the last step, you can access your saved transcript file in the Google Translate app whenever you want. Happy translating!

Improve your linguistic capabilities

Google Translate can be a wonderful way to solve communication problems between multinational people. You can snap images of street signs when abroad and translate them, understand instructions written in a language you can't read, or have a full-blown conversation with a person who doesn't even speak the same tongue as you. If you own a pair of Pixel Buds, getting real-time translations on the Google Translate app is even easier.

Many times, you may translate content that you need to refer back to later. For instance, if you go on holiday, you'd want to remember certain phrases or pieces of information someone gave you. In those cases, you should take full advantage of the Google Translate app's capability to save transcripts to your Android phone.

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