How to request unlock code from AT&T

Unlocking your phone is becoming a popular trend in order to combat the grip wireless carriers have on us lowly consumers. It can certainly seem like an uphill battle at times but, unlocking your phone can be well worth it for people who find themselves happy with their phone but unhappy with their carrier.

AT&T has a process in place for you to go through in order to get your phone unlocked. It does have a few restrictions and there are certain requirements you have to meet, but if you think the gain is worth the pain then soldier on below!

What requirements do you have to meet?

Before you try and go through the unlocking process with AT&T you may want to check and see if your device meets their requirements. The points below are the general requirements that AT&T lists on their website. However, there are a few special circumstances for certain services - like Go Phone and post paid customers - that may apply to you as well. Be sure to check out the eligibility of your phone before you go through the process.

  • The phone must be locked to AT&T
  • It can't be reported lost or stolen.
  • It can't be associated with fraudulent activity.
  • All the device's service commitments and installment plans are completed, and all early termination fees are paid in full.
  • The phone is not active on a different AT&T customer's account.
  • If you performed an early upgrade, you must wait the 14-day buyer's remorse period before you can request to unlock your previous device.

What is the unlocking process for AT&T?

The process is not very long or complicated but it does take a little while for AT&T to respond. The steps you need to do in order listed below are as outlined by AT&T themselves.

  1. Go to
  2. Read and agree to the eligibility requirements to unlock your device.
  3. Complete and submit the form.
  4. You'll receive a confirmation email with your unlock request number.
  5. Select the link in the email within 24 hours of receipt to confirm your unlock request.
  6. AT&T will respond within two business days.
  7. AT&T sends you instructions to unlock your device if your request is approved.

Important note: Going through this process in no way guarantees approval. AT&T may not approve for several different reasons and has the right to deny any request. They may also ask you to complete additional steps in order to grant you approval.

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