How to make sure your Ring Alarm kit is kid-friendly

When it comes to your home and family, there is nothing more important than feeling safe and protecting those you love most. Home security has come a long way with plenty of DIY kits for you to set up, monitor and control your home security from anywhere you are. The Ring Alarm kit is a family friendly system that will allow your entire family to feel home is safe and secure. Use this how-to guide to help you make sure your Ring Alarm is the most kid-friendly it can be.

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How to make sure your Ring Alarm kit is kid-friendly

  1. Think about where in your home you would benefit most from placing contact window and door sensors. Consider home entrances that your kids have access to and if you would like to set the system to chime or alert you when they are used. Security systems are not only about protecting your home from the outside but also about protecting your kids on the inside from getting out if they shouldn't be.

  1. For installation, make sure you place all parts out of reach of children. Place sensors recommended height of 6–8 feet where you will be sure kids cannot tamper with them. Although you have the option of leaving the base station and keypad on a table, if you have small children in the house consider mounting these high out of their reach as well. For older children, you may want to place the keypad within their reach if you want them to operate it.

  1. Teach your children how to use your security system if you think they are ready. Let them hear what the alarm sounds like when it goes off so they can know what to expect when it (inevitably) gets triggered accidentally.

  1. Practice the different ways to arm and disarm the alarm. Different ways to control the alarm include: With Alexa using voice commands and a verbal four digit code, with the Ring App, with a code on the keypad. For help figuring out how to connect Alexa with Ring, take a look here.

  1. Alexa, arm Ring
  2. Alexa, set Ring to Home / Away
  3. Alexa, is Ring armed?
  4. Alexa, disarm Ring
  5. Choose an alarm with a Panic button. Unfortunately, sometimes emergencies take place when mom and dad are not home, or mom and dad are the ones having the emergency. With the push of one button, even a kid not yet capable of calling 911 on a phone may call someone to the rescue. Set up your Ring with $10/month 24-hour surveillance service and you can have rescue officials at your house in no time to help.

Proper security should never be an afterthought, and it's important to find one that is easy to use for you and your children. These are some easy ways the Ring Alarm kit work for you and your family, you can live every day confident that your home and loved ones are safe.

Our top equipment picks

The 8-piece Alarm security kit will cover all your bases. To protect your younger children and arm your older children, the Ring Alarm kit is a great option to keep your family safe.

Make setting your alarm a cinche with the Echo Dot. Not only can this system help with other things around the house, it can link to your Ring kit for easy access.

Additional Equipment

Here are some options you might want to consider adding to your system. We highly recommend it because it will make the alarm so much easier for your children.

Video Doorbell ($100 at Amazon)

The Ring Video Doorbell will allow you to see who is at the door an have two-way communication with them. This can be a handy option for kids who are home alone.

Smart Lock ($79 at Amazon)

This smart lock will pair with your Ring system so you can check that it's locked and control locking and unlocking it remotely. This smart lock can help you lock up if you have kids that forget to lock up the house when they leave.

Panic Button ($35 at Ring)

Get help as soon as needed when an emergency arises at home. Press and hold the Alarm Panic Button for three seconds to sound the siren on your Ring Alarm. However, you will need to pay for a subscription.

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