The Masters Golf Tournament app

It's time for the Masters Tournament, where for just shy of a week the entire golf world sets its eyes on Augusta National to see the best golfers ply their craft. It all gets going on April 4 and carries on through April 8, and you can follow every single moment from your Android phone — here's how.

The Masters app has it all

The Masters may be an extremely old tournament, but it's kept up with the times spectacularly when it comes to making everything available online. The well-rated Masters app really is a one-stop shop for everything coming out of Augusta.

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On the video side, the Masters app offers a live simulcast of everything the TV broadcasters offer. So it doesn't matter which TV deal (coverage is split across CBS and ESPN) is carrying which portion of the tournament, you get it all live from end to end using the app. You'll not only get the full TV broadcast, but also access to extras like the Par 3 contest, designated shots of signature holes and featured groups.

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For the times when you aren't watching live — which, let's be honest, most of us won't be able to for hours on end — there will be extensive highlights and replays in the Masters app. You'll be able to see all of the big shots, leaderboard battles, interviews and featured players after the fact — and if you log in to the app, you can follow specific players so you don't miss anything in the shuffle.

Leaderboard, information, and updates

Beyond the video streams, the Masters app also provides live radio coverage for when you can only listen and not watch. And before the tournament even starts, the Masters app provides all of the necessary information for getting up to speed with the course, details on the tournament and the field of players. As things get going, you'll be able to see player statistics, shot trackers and a live leader board with up-to-the-minute information.

The Masters app also has configurable notifications to follow specific players, and you can even set a "no spoiler" mode to you can get general information without actually revealing scores or leader board positions until you're ready for it. There really is no better place to go to follow this tournament than the Masters app.

Watching on your TV

When you have more time available to watch live or catch up on what you missed, the Masters app also has Chromecast support. Whether you're watching replays or the live stream, with two taps you can get things going via your Chromecast, Android TV box or Cast-enabled smart TV. You'll get access to all of the same content you were watching on your phone.

If you prefer to get all of your entertainment in one place and have one of the various streaming TV offerings out there, you're in luck. YouTube TV, Hulu Live and DirecTV Now all offer the required channels to follow the Masters Tournament. To follow all of the coverage, you'll need the CBS Sports Network, ESPN, ESPN2 and your local CBS affiliate channel.

  • Hulu Live TV is available on Android and online in your browser, and has all of the necessary channels for $40/month. It has a one-week free trial.
  • YouTube TV is available on Android and online in your browser, and includes all required channels in its $40/month subscription. It offers a free trial to get started.
  • DirecTV Now is available on Android as well as online in your browser, but only includes all of the proper channels in the "Go big" (blue) package, which is $60/month. There's a one-week free trial and other incentives such as getting three months for just $10/month.

Each of these streaming services is obviously more expensive than just using the Masters app, but you get the added benefit of pre-recording full broadcasts to watch later or simply have all of the Masters coverage right alongside your other programming. No matter what, between the app and streaming TV services you definitely aren't short of options when it comes to following the 2018 Masters Tournament.

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