How to fix Galaxy S8 battery life problems

After the first couple of months using a phone where battery life seems great, things can go south as we load up our new device with all kinds of things and turn on every last feature. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ aren't immune to battery shortcomings if you push them hard enough, and that means you'll be looking for ways to scale things back and return to great battery life.

We have a handful of solid tips here to help you get the most out of your Galaxy S8 or S8+ battery, whether you're currently happy with its longevity or not. Read on.

Use power saving mode

Galaxy S8 power saving mode

The easiest way to save precious battery power is to use one of the built-in power saving modes. You can find them in Settings, Device maintenance then Battery. You can also toggle power saving mode in the quick settings area of the notification shade.

It's all about finding a balance between features and battery longevity.

The power saving mode most people will use is the "mid" level, which tries to strike a balance between saving power and letting your phone do everything you need. When you tap "mid" you'll see what it does — decrease brightness, lower the screen resolution, limit CPU performance and disable both background network usage and the Always On Display. It'll add up to a couple hours to your battery life over the course of the day, but you probably wouldn't want to use this all the time.

You can also tweak the parameters to maybe find a middle ground that works for you — just tap "Details" and see what you can change. For example you may keep the CPU speed limiter on, but also turn on background network usage so apps continue to sync when you're not actively using them.

For the dire situations when you have very little battery or don't have any idea when you'll find power again, look at the "max" power saving mode. This mode dramatically turns down your screen resolution, limits performance further and turns off even more features — all in the name of letting the battery last as long as possible, while giving you the basic phone functions you need.

Uninstall unused apps

This is one of the easiest ways to cut down on battery drain, and also one that so many people forget as they use their phone over weeks and months. We all install apps that we use once or haven't touched in a month, and those apps can sometimes be using battery even though you don't need them. Head into Settings then Apps and scroll through to see if there are any apps hanging out that you've forgotten about and don't need any more.

Remember, you can always re-install the app later on down the road if you think you need it again. There's little need to keep an unused app installed and potentially running on your phone.

Check for power-hungry apps

Galaxy S8 power usage screen

The last couple versions of Android introduced some really nice system-level features that take care of runaway apps, but every once and a while they can get carried away. If you notice your battery draining faster than usual, it could be one or two apps causing it — whether they're running when you aren't aware, or are just using more battery than they should even though you're using them. Go to Settings, Device maintenance then Battery to see what apps are using notable amounts of juice.

These settings are a bit confusing, but powerful if you want to tweak things.

This is best to do at the end of the day to get an accurate picture of just how much battery an app is using, but the bottom half of this settings screen shows what percentage of the day's battery has been used by any given app. You'll see usual culprits like social media apps or photo apps, but if something looks out of the ordinary you can tap on that app and hit "save power" to completely limit that app from running in the background. We wouldn't advise you do this for lots of apps, but if something's being problematic you can remedy that here.

For a bit of background, the system also automatically throttles back apps that haven't been used in 3 days (customizable up to 7 days), so chances are any runaway app that you're not using won't be able to muck things up for too long anyway. If you don't want an app to ever be throttled in the background, you can select it in the "unmonitored apps" area at the bottom of the settings pane.

Lower the screen resolution

One quick setting you can change semi-permanently to improve battery life without really hurting your experience is to reduce the screen resolution. Just go into Settings, Display and Screen resolution to see your options. By default the Galaxy S8 and S8+ actually don't run at their max resolution — they stick at "FHD+" instead, because the processor doesn't have to work as hard to run the phone, which saves you some battery.

If you've moved up to "WQHD+" for the best-looking screen possible, you can scale it back down to save a little battery life. We wouldn't recommend going with "HD+" unless you're really trying to save juice ... but in that case you may be better off considering the overall power saving mode instead.

Reduce screen brightness

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung's AMOLED displays keep getting more efficient, but the screen continues to be a notable drain on a phone's battery life. You can simply lower the screen brightness on your Galaxy S8 to save battery life — either by using the slider in the notification shade, or in settings then display.

If you want, you can also turn off automatic brightness here so that even in bright conditions the screen doesn't ramp up and use up more battery. Just realize that the amount of battery you save by doing so may not be worth it when you consider you won't be able to see your screen as well in those conditions.

Turn off unused radios

If you're looking to save battery at the cost of convenience, you should turn off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they're not in use. You can toggle either one from the notification shade quick settings, which makes the process easy.

Going a step further, you can also turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning, which is actually used to help with location services even when both radios are technically turned off. You can find this in Settings, Connections, Location then Improve accuracy. By turning off these two switches your phone won't use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth at all unless you have them turned on — the one downside being that it may take marginally longer to locate your phone in the world if your data connection and GPS aren't functioning properly.

Last resort: a battery pack

No matter how much you tweak and change on your phone, sometimes that just isn't enough — after all, the battery isn't getting any larger either way. For those times when the power you need out of your Galaxy S8 or S8+ is more than you can reasonably achieve with the built-in battery, check out the battery pack and battery case options available out there.

Most of the battery cases out there are a pretty terrible compromise of bulk for not very much battery power, so we would recommend a compact external battery pack that offers fast charging instead. Samsung makes its own line of battery packs (opens in new tab) that will quickly charge the Galaxy S8 and S8+ while matching its look, but there are tons available out there from Anker (opens in new tab), Aukey (opens in new tab) and more.

Update March 2018: Refreshed to reflect the Galaxy S8 and S8+'s new Oreo software.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Yep. Gonna be that guy. I just recommended a v20 to my mom and nought one for my wife. Gotta love swappable batteries.
  • i went from the V20 to a S8+, I also previously had the V10. Great phones, but they almost have to have the swappable battery, their battery life was the suck. I would literally have to swap a battery at least once a day, never made a full day on one battery. if you want to recommend a battery beast, you should look at the Moto Z Force or Moto Z Play. However, as a guy who regularly crushes batteries, the S8+ has been VERY impressive in the battery department
  • Give it a couple months and it'll go to **** like the last SX phones.
  • You and your wife must be traveling business people tire up in ling flight delays, stuck in the tarmac or just don't have access to a power supply to meet those right deadlines. If not then yiur point is moot since its inconsequential.
  • Not necessarily, you only have to be in a marginal reception area to suck the life of the battery... I go to remote areas often and usually carry battery case of I have one...
  • I'm having solid battery life on myS8 on Verizon. I don't even use Wi-Fi
  • Bet your mom loves carrying around a massive phone and a second battery.
  • Yeah, my thoughts as well. I still have 3 spare batteries for my last phone with swappable batteries. My soon to be replaced M8 is 3 years old and the battery life is still good. It made it through my last long flight with no problems, and I gave my power bank to a girl on the flight.
  • Go grow up man! That joke wasn't funny at all 🤐🤐🤐
  • Well, you have to admit that carrying a phone and a second battery is not as convenient as carrying just a phone that can make it through a full day with no worries whatsoever. You can have a phone that slim and sleek and water resistant, AND leaves you with more than 30% battery at the end of TWO days.
  • What battery problems?
  • AC posts a similar article for each flagship that comes out it seems... Pixel, G6, S7, even Note 7... I just did a search for "battery life problems" on the AC app and several results came up. I think the title of the article(s) is(are) misleading at best. It should be more like "How to get better battery life from the S8" or something like that.
  • Agreed... I'm scratching my head when I read the title for this article.... I don't have ANY battery issues. Last night I trying to abuse my battery and I still had 30% when I went to bed and plugged it in again... and it was fully charged again before midnight.
  • It's what drives for clicks.
  • There is nothing more ridiculous than being told to do things like lower screen resolution and use power saving on a $800+ phone in an effort to save battery, especially for a device whose whole reason for being is the screen resolution and (multi)tasking abilities.
  • There are no issues with battery life. This is just a recycled article. The S8 and especially S8+ have great battery life with full resolution and performance mode. .
  • I beg to differ, I bought my S8 almost 6 weeks ago, and the battery barely makes during the day. Is really annoying that you spend a lot of money in a phone that is suppose to be the best in the market, and the battery life sucks...
  • I beg to differ with your differing! I bought an S8+ yesterday and didnt charge it AT ALL overnight, Had over 80% charge in the morning (used it some last night before bed), and currently am sitting at 71%. AMAZING battery life with stock settings! I DID prevent Google from re-downloading all of my old apps though. The only ones I loaded so far are TuneIn Radio and Facebook (which is a notorious battery hog). Facebook in particular seems to be MUCH better behaved on this phone, it isnt sucking up nearly as much juice as it did on my Note 4.
  • John, I too use the s8+ and consistently get 6 to 7hrs SOT. Very happy with it even after the Oreo update which made me nervous at first. The first day after the update it drained quickly but after 24hrs it went back to normal. I've done 3 separate tests & the average was still 6 & 7 hrs SOT!
  • TvYou don't own one so you're just here to troll on a crap news article. Full resolution, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios both on and played 6.5+ hours of movies to test the battery in my S8+. I finally plugged it in after 7 hours because I was leaving work and heading out fur the night...battery had 24% left before I topped it off. Facts are educational...learn them.
  • Nobody's telling you that you must do these things, but if you're someone who finds your GS8 / S8+ battery coming up short (lots of people do, already), then these are some tips to try and lengthen battery life. If there's one thing I've learned from the last 5 years here at AC, there will ALWAYS be people who want longer battery life.
  • If there's anything I've learned in the past couple years since joining this site, it's that there will always be some losers who have to post negative comments on articles that don't interest them because their girlfriends/wives don't pay enough attention to them.
  • +1! exactly the way i feel...i bought this top-shelf phone so i could take advantage of all its advanced features and convenience. why would i want to have to keep turning radios on and off, lower the resolution, etc.
  • Although this may change in the near future, I have had zero battery life issues through my first week with the S8+. Screen resolution maxed, no radios turned off, constantly connected to my Gear S3 Frontier. I got it down to 20% on Saturday when there was a ton of screen time but that's the lowest it has been. Extremely pleased with the battery at this point.
  • I am impressed with the battery life. It actually exceeded my expectations.
  • It will be way better if you shut down the device ! Trust me...
  • Nearly infinite battery life.
  • Or keep it plugged in!
  • I can honestly say I have not turned on power saving mode and the battery life is amazing.
    I dunno what they did but its working.
    On the S6 and S7 my phone would always remain in power saving mode
  • No problems with my S8+ battery life at all. I am just curious here, but how are people still proclaiming phones with removable batteries are automatically better? Congratulations, you have to power your device off and change batteries. I (owner of whatever phone does not have a removable battery) have the option of carrying around a little 10 dollar rechargeable battery that takes up roughly the same pocket space that I can just plug into my phone while it is in my pocket. Not to mention that while you have 1 replacement 2500 to 3000 mAh battery, I have a rechargeable one that is double the capacity that I can use without ever turning off the device.....seems like a really dumb argument.
  • Yes but a removable battery gets the phone from 0% to 100% within seconds. Just playing devil's advocate here.
  • While that might be true, it is probably just as easy to use your external battery every time you get close to 25% percent and you should be fine. There are pros and cons to everything. In the 1 instance where the user cannot be responsible enough to check the charge every once in a while and use the external charger while they are not using their phone then yea, maybe a backup battery will work for you. Until you forget the special charger that it needs to charge because you already cant manage to monitor your current battery level. Then you just have a dead backup battery and no proprietary charger when the external battery most likely uses the same cable that your phone uses which means you can charge it in line with your device while it charges.
  • if you stack up 4 removable batteries to the smallest battery pack, you can have 3 to 4 batteries... with each, I get the phone back up to 100%, no compromise, and you can charge them separately. You only need to keep one fully charged battery in your wallet, try doing that with a battery pack. Can you imagine pulling out your phone from your pocket with a wire attached to it? or a battery pack in your back pocket with a wire connecting to your phone in your front pocket... or the battery pack and the phone both in the front pocket? Not to mention, you will have to get a wire with a L-shaped connector. Does it still seem like a really dumb argument?
  • My battery drains at 1% per minute of use, so, basically, I get like 2 hrs of battery life on this POS.......... FU Samsung for not optimizing your battery, or putting a big enough battery in this thing. I'd gladly sacrifice a mm or 2 for an extra few hrs of battery life
  • You double sized battery will only do one charge of your phone, and in my experience trying to use the phone while charging means it does not even fill the battery. The quoted size is the battery capacity when new, and it will never deliver its full charge to the phone. I had no end of problems with 2 phones and tablet and a 21,000 mAh external battery that couldn't charge them all.
    For the size and weight of the external battery, its housing, and cable I could carry two replacement batteries.
    Because I couldn't get a decent replaceable batteried phone, I have a Huawei Mate 9 with a 4000 mAh battery that lasts a day and sometimes two.
  • Good to post this article! But i'm surprised - there's no mention of optimized vs. performance mode to try and save some battery?
    and actually, it would be great if someone from AC could post an S8/S8+ article explaining the difference between all 4 performance modes...since the other modes aren't really advertised much / all that clearcut. just a suggestion.
  • I second this motion!
  • where do i find the option to tell it how many days to wait before putting apps to sleep?...i can't seem to find it now. also, a tip: i go in and turn on notifications for battery draining apps (click the overflow in Battery, then Advanced)'s especially important because sometimes i can kill an app that's running wild before it drains my battery for hours (or 3 days!--as i believe that's the minimum it waits before it auto-kills!).
  • Disable the google services you don't need - they still have quite often the worst impact on the battery life. The Google location history is the best example. The Samsung Cloud backup also seems to be more battery friendly than the Google Android and photos backup.
  • There is a sticky about battery life and that thread is an intersting read. On it there are folks who are saying they have great battery life and others who are not making it though the day. Lesson: Battery life is contigent on where you live/service and how you are using it.
    This article has usefulness to those who have and S8 and are not getting the full day use out of it. Instead of being stuck there are things that can be done.
    I desperately need a new phone, My Moto Droid Ultra is in need of charging pretty much all the time. However, I am taking a wait and see on the S8. The S7 a year down the road has some real battery issues for more than a few users. While many S7 users are getting a full day plus out of their phones, it is common that many S7 users are seeing real challneges. So I want to wait and let S8 users share their wisdom on how their battery is doing over the next month or APPS get added and charging patterns take hold. If I find the battery is going to do significantly better than the S7 I may be in, if not I am looking at Pixel 2 in the fall.
    Note: It appears that those with S8 Plus seem to be holding up better on times than the S8. On the Sticky, not everyone is identifying if they have a Plus or just the it is difficult to see any pattern. Thank you community for sharing how your battery usage is holding up! Thank you for these kinds of articles that enlighten us to what we can do to maximize usage. I hope S8 has a killer Battery, because the Phone looks pretty awesome.
  • To be honest?
    I'm getting VERY disappointed about the battery life of the S8, it barely makes it through the day, and I barely use my phone...
  • All the phones I've had, the S8+ has the best battery life. No issues here
  • A couple weeks ago, an icon did appear in the top of my cellphone, next to the Wifi icon; it it's a circle with a plus sign inside; does anybody know what it is? My battery is dying by 10pm, and I do not use my phone at all, it's been barely 6 weeks since I bought it...
  • I've got one of those right now. It's a Samsung specific thing to help the health of your phone. There are different reasons you might get it. Mine is telling me I should reboot my device since I haven't done it for over a week now.
  • The icon is for the data saver mode.
  • Simply customised my S7E's MID power saving mode and just works fine
  • I've been disappointed with my S8+ battery life. It's not horrible, but overnight, it drains at least 10%, sometimes more. Looking at the battery stats, Google play services is always at the top. Anyone else see this issue?
  • If you put it on airplane mode overnight, or at least disable data and wifi, you should see the overnight drain fall off quite a bit.
  • Buy an HTC U11, throw s8 in the trash where it belongs.
  • You
  • I have the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and I'm easily getting 6-8 hrs SOT. I'm running it wide open as well. No problems.
  • I had the S8 for about ten days before trading up to the S8+ due to battery issues. Now I'm very happy with the S8+ as I can easily get a full day on a single charge.
  • Simple fix would be get an exynos version
  • Delete the garbage known as Facebook messenger. Besides constantly eating resources and a rediculous amount of data it also consumes a lot of battery life. Although I don't know how some will live without being logged into fakebook 24/7/365
  • No battery issues here: I use my S8 all day & still have ~60% battery left when I go to sleep at night.
  • Heres my suggestion: Buy an iPhone 7 Plus. Problem solved
  • Why are you even here then? Lol
  • Hahaha! Sorry man, but I had a nice chuckle out of this one. Who in the right mind would do that with S8 in hand??
  • anon, I had the iphone7plus 128gb model. Battery life was very good but I hate iOS & SIRI. Went back to android! No regrets!
  • The S8 doesn't have "battery life problems" and this article applies to pretty much every phone made.
  • No issues here on battery life. Just another article here to fill in and get ad revenue.
  • I'll say it like this. I've been running my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 100% full throttle since bought it. No breaks. I do social media, upload and download videos, text messages, phone calls, steam music, constantly looking up information and numerous other things. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is handling everything with ease. Not to mention ever since I bought the S8 Plus I haven't even touched my Nexus 6. The Nexus 6 was my favorite phone because of the front facing speakers and the screen size. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus slammed the door shut on my Nexus 6, I didn't think that would ever be possible either. Now the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus doesn't have front facing speakers so instead I've been using a superb set of Sony headphones for the whole sound experience. The display on the Samsung S8 Plus is beyond incredible. It makes watching movies and videos an immense pleasure. Speaking of music and videos, on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus I have over 140gbs of usable space to download music and video. I could have even more if I went and got the 256gb Samsung SD Card. Lets talk battery life for a second. Nothing and I mean nothing comes close. The battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is simply stellar. Long story short, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a great device with many great options. This is a power users dream come true. 
  • With regards the always on display, I thought the idea was that useful information (time and date in my case) is on the display in low resolution with the device largely asleep. As opposed to waking it up to check the time, thus lighting up the entire screen and waking sleeping apps... This would be saving battery I imagine....?
  • I don't even charge my S8 evrynight like I used to on previous phones. If I'm at say 50% when I go to bed around 11PM, I don't plug in. I will plug in to charge around 9 AM in the Office. That charge pretty much lasts me through the end of the day. I deleted FB, FB messenger and other apps. I watch to see what apps are open and running in the background as well.
  • Huh battery problem ...dont have one my s8plus has a beast mood battery
  • battery life sucks on my S8 I have dumbed it down as much as possible and feel like I have been tricked into buying a great phone that I cant use properly.
  • I've had S8+ for almost a year, and have had exactly zero problems with the battery.
  • With the existence of smartwatches and now 3.5mm jackless phones, even suggesting turning off bluetooth is offensive. OEM's are purposefully pushing consumers to BT headphones, how can a site such as AC even suggest turning off BT? Not to mention smartwatches. Yes some watches feature their OWN data access, but a good portion of them do not. Screen brightness is ok to suggest. But screen resolution is getting to the point of absurdity. If the device is created from the START with x resolution, sold with said x resolution as a feature but then sites like AC or certainly OEM should NOT be saying reduce resolution to save...blah blah
    If that is the case, simply revert to 1080p screens. Otherwise it is false advertising at best and deceptive at worst.
  • Here's another tip... avoid the Oreo update at all cost!
  • Thanks to Oreo battery life sucks!! It used to be great!
  • You should contact Samsung then. The first Oreo update was ok for me, but the second update had a very bad effect on battery life. I contacted HTC support (my current phone is a U11), and in 24 hours they sent an update to fix the issue, then rolled it out to other users.
  • What I found helps is turning off notifications for all the infrequently used apps, and also turning off google feed. It just makes sense - notifications wake up the phone constantly, preventing it from deep sleep. I also use Accubattery and GSAM battery apps to help me keep track of any rogue apps keeping my phone awake.
  • I've never owned a phone that didn't get through a day when new.
    I don't keep phones long but pass them onto family/friends and all suffer from battery degradation sooner or later.
    Article was good for those phones that have batterys no longer at their best.
  • I second the few recent comments on this recycled article!--Oreo is the worst on the S8+ for battery!! I was still getting great battery life on this phone, up until Oreo. Now it's noticeably bad! Wtf?!