How to enable VoLTE on the Samsung Galaxy S9

VoLTE is great as it lets you place voice calls over LTE, facilitating higher audio quality than traditional voice calls. U.S. carriers started rolling out VoLTE nearly five years ago, and most phones on sale today offer the feature as standard. VoLTE saw a massive uptick in emerging markets like India last year following the arrival of Jio, which continues to be the only carrier in the country with 4G calling.

Samsung has been offering VoLTE compatibility on its phones for a few generations now, and the feature should be enabled automatically as soon as you slot in a VoLTE-ready SIM. However, if you've switched carriers or are looking to activate an unlocked phone, here's how to get started with VoLTE on your Galaxy S9.

  1. Open Settings from the app drawer or home screen
  2. Tap Connections

How to enable VoLTE on the Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Tap Mobile networks
  2. Toggle VoLTE calls to On

How to enable VoLTE on the Samsung Galaxy S9

My carrier (Jio) primarily uses VoLTE for calls, so there's no option to turn it off, but you should be able to see a toggle to enable or disable the feature. You'll also see different options on the Mobile networks menu depending on your S9 or S9+ model (I'm using the Exynos-based SM-G965F).

Do you use VoLTE on your Galaxy S9 or S9+? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • I use it but... On the Galaxy S8 😊
  • VoLTE kills my battery :-/. I see a huge difference in standby time.
  • No option to even turn it on. T-Mo may have disabled it in an update
  • yeah i dont see it on my T-Mobile either
  • T-mobile uses volte all the time. It's automatically on since they don't block things like att and Verizon.
  • I use it on my unlocked S8 Plus with Straight Talk AT&T sim
  • Cant find this option on my galaxy s8+ on verizon. maybe they disabled it for my device.
  • Is it available on Vodafone Mumbai ?
  • T-Mobile have not this option.
  • i suspect they removed it but turned it on by default as it is their preference
  • Same here. I have unlocked S9 on T-Mobile SIM and there's no option for VoLTE.
  • Is that the Same as wifi calling ?
  • This guy doesn't seem to have done his homework before writing this article. Not an option on unlocked AT&T, as suspected. Those chumps don't let non AT&T phones use their advanced features.
  • It's wifi calling on t-mobile
  • That is a different feature, primarily a workaround for poor signal quantity inside buildings that have wifi.
  • Depending on the plan, volte can eat up your data allowance pretty quickly. This is an option that should be used with full knowledge of your tariff only. It has a gotcha risk unless you are paying for a truly unlimited plan or do relatively little voice traffic.
  • That's not true. VoLTE is used for HD call quality. It's not using your data allowance. If it does, then something is wrong.
  • Yes, I do use VoLTE.
    I am disappointed that my S9 unlocked phone from Samsung does not receive over the air FM nor can it make video phone calls on Verizon network.
  • I don't see that toggle on my Galaxy S8 running on MTN (South Africa).
  • We like the products only the power needs the batteries to improved and the prices are high compared to other manufacturers. Thank you for all your coordination all over the world media.
  • "Jio, which continues to be the only carrier in the country with 4G calling." Lol