Google Photos

One of the best features of a smartphone is its camera. Technology has given the world amazing cameras that fit into our pockets. So after you've snapped those amazing photos, how do you share them? That's our question for you in this week's poll! There are tons of ways to share your photos whether it's an app on your phone, or an online album like Google Photos.

Before there were cameras in our phones, sharing photos meant getting copies made or emailing attachments to friends who lived across the country. Now sharing photos is as easy as a tap, or a click. So how do you share photos with the people in your life? We've got seven options for you this week: "Facebook," "Instagram," "Google+," "Google Photos," "Flickr," "Other," "I don't share many photos" or "I use multiple apps or websites to share my photos."

Do you share all of your photos, or only cherry pick the best one? Not a fan of sharing your photos? Tell us about it in the comments below!