How to clean your Lenovo Mirage Solo

The Lenovo Mirage Solo is the first standalone Google Daydream headset, letting you move around in a virtual world without needing to use your smartphone. All that moving around means the headset will get dirty if you don't stay on top of cleaning it.

Here's how to clean your Lenovo Mirage Solo!

Materials you'll need

There aren't any pieces you can remove from the headset for easy cleaning, so you'll need to just tidy things up where they are. Here's what you'll need to clean the headset:

How to clean the lens

The lens and cameras are the most important pieces of the headset, and the easiest to mess up if you're not careful. Don't use any detergents or alcohol on the lens or cameras, and don't expose the cameras to direct sunlight when you let it air dry. Instead, just clean the lens with a damp cloth (use distilled water if you can), then wipe it dry with another cloth.

How to clean the shell

Since the shell is hard plastic, it's safe to use the alcohol wipes on it. Be sure none of the alcohol leaks onto the black area surrounding the cameras, then let it air dry afterwards.

How to clean the foam facepad

The facepad can't be removed like on the Daydream View, but gently brushing with a nylon brush will get rid of most debris. If you need to use liquids, be sparse: dip the brush into a mild detergent solution, shake off the excess liquid, then brush the cloth pieces.

When all is said and done, let the Mirage Solo air dry for an hour before using it again. Don't expose the headset to direct sunlight — whether it's drying or not — since this could damage the cameras.

That's it!

Cleaning a VR headset doesn't take much work, but you need to be careful about what cleaning products you use on which pieces. Is there something we missed? Let us know down below!

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Tom Westrick