Google highlights how Chromecast is helping apps shine

There's no doubt that Google's Chromecast has become quite the popular little dongle. In a new blog post, Google says that 17 million Chromecasts have already been sold, and users have tapped the cast button over 1.5 billion times. The company also talked about some of the success developers have had after integrating casting into their apps.

Overall, there were case studies performed on four different apps: Comedy Central, Just Dance Now, Fitnet, and Haystack TV. According to the results, Comedy Central reports an increase of 50 percent in videos viewed via Chromecast and 1.5 times more visits to its app compared to the average app user.

Fitnet, a video workout app, saw 35 percent higher engagement from Chromecast users. Similarly, Haystack TV, a video news app, saw double the average weekly viewing time after enabling casting to Chromecast.

Finally, Ubisoft saw increased monetization from people playing Just Dance Now via Chromecast, noting that these users spend 2.5 times more than other players. Chromecast users also play the game more often and spend more time playing.

The findings aren't incredibly surprising given that some app experiences are just plain better and more engaging on the larger screen of a TV. However, it's interesting to get a bit of a peek into how Chromecast is working out for developers. If you're interested in reading more, you can find the full case studies at the link below.

Source: Google

Dan Thorp-Lancaster