A great thing about Chromebooks is that whenever you sign into one, it syncs all your apps, extensions, and settings, so you always have the same experience. It's pretty cool knowing exactly what to expect and where everything is.

And Chrome is ready for multiple users on the same machine, each with their own private section of the storage. When you log in, you'll have your stuff and when someone else logs in they'll have their stuff. And the two never mix so you won't have to worry about who can see what.

All you need to do is add another user, and this is how you do it.

How to add a second user/Google account to your Chromebook

  1. Check the settings and make sure you don't have other users blocked. Open Settings and scroll down to Users. There are four checkboxes, and they are labeled with exactly what each does.

    • Enable Guest browsing allows anyone to use your Chromebook's browser. They can't save or install anything and no history is saved.
    • Enable supervised users lets you create a managed account. {here's everything you need to know about doing that](/how-add-supervised-user-account-your-chromebook).
    • Show user names and photos on the sign-in screen is a privacy setting. you can uncheck this if you don't want to show who has an account. You'll need to enter your Gmail address to login instead of clicking your profile if you uncheck this one.
    • Restrict sign-in to the following users lets you choose who can log in from the list of active accounts. Choose which ones from the box below.

  2. Log off and go back to the start screen.
  3. In the bottom left you'll see Browse as Guest and Add person.
    • Click Browse as Guest to start up the guest account if you want to use your Chromebook without any personalized settings or save any history. You'll need to have enabled guest browsing in the settings from step one.
    • Click Add person to add a new account to your Chromebook.

The account creation is just like you saw the first time you logged in. You supply your Google account (usually a Gmail address), then provide the correct password and pass any two-factor authentication challenge you may have on the account. If you're adding a person who doesn't already have a Google account, you can create one in the wizard by checking More options.

When you're done, the account information will be saved and the new profile is there at the start screen. You can create as many accounts as you like and each will always have their own personalized settings and apps. This is pretty awesome for sharing with a friend or family member or even separating work and play.

How to remove a second account from a Chromebook

The first account used to sign into a Chrome device becmomes the owner account. The only way to remove an owner account is to Powerwash the Chrome device, which will remove all accounts and local data. Once that's done, just sign into the device with a new account. Removing secondary accounts is much easier:

  1. From the login screen, click the arrow next to the account you want to remove.
  2. Select Remove this user. Confirm that you want to remove the selected user, and that's it!


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