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This is specific to Sense UI phones!Note: The picture shows some options specific to HTC's Sense UI

We have already discussed the functions of the four main buttons featured on most Android phones. One vital button was omitted: the on/off button. This button is more commonly used to boot up your phone, or cause the screen to goto sleep to save battery power if clicked once. Holding this button causes a menu to appear, with different options depending on what phone you have.

Most phones will have silent mode, airplane mode, and power off options. Phones with HTC's Sense UI (Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, Desire, etc) will have a couple extra: toggle vibrate mode and toggle mobile network. The former turns on vibrate and turns off sound for all notifications (email, phone calles, etc) while the latter will toggle your 3G or 4G data connection. This is really useful if you want to save battery when using a WiFi network. 

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Holding the On/Off button


Yes, there are more widgets like that under the category Settings -- Add to Home > Widget > Settings

I starting using Wifi on my Incredible after an article on here an saw a TREMENDOUS jump in battery life. I'm on it now but I just checked and saw that in my menu like the one above my "Mobile Network" says ON. Are you saying I would get even more battery life if I turned this to off while on Wifi? Will it effect anything?

I'd like to know as well... When I don't specifically turn off 3G but am on WiFi, there is no 3G icon in the notification bar, so does that mean that the 3G radio is effectively off or is it still using battery?

Additionally, would this same concept work for 4G data? Like, if I'm on 4G but have no turned off 3G, will 3G use battery?

What happens when you press that setting?
(its not on my phone, so I don't know).

Does i just shut off data roaming.
Does it shut off all cellular data (for people who don't have a data plan and have to pay by the byte)?

You tell us, you have the phone and the manual, we dont.

Most android phones drop to EDGE when on wifi. They are smart enough to realize they don't need to tie up a 3G tower slot and spend all that energy doing 3g when all they are going to do with the tower is listen for phone calls and SMS messages.

You can tell this is true by putting your phone next to your computer speakers as you switch ON Wifi. You will hear the old EDGE noise:

CyanogenMod has Reboot as an option. Sometimes I just want to reboot the phone without having to turn it off, wait for it to shut off, and then turn it back on.

I had mentioned this about the mobile network toggle over in the evo forums a while ago... A more convenient way to achieve this is with a toggle and I've found that the SwitchPro widget does this best. so please do give it a try you will not be disappointed.

This menu is not showing on my phone when long pressing the on/off button, I don't remember how it happened! how can I have it back?!
Mine is galaxy note 1