Hipmunk, the popular flight search app, has received a major update that has expanded its reach to include hotels. The UI is as clean as before and the search works rather well. Simply open the app, select Find Hotels, specify a location, click Search and that's it! You'll be given a variety of listings, which you can then dive into with reviews and information. If you decide that you like a hotel, you can book it through one of Hipmunk's partners. When I tried a few hotels, I was able to book through Hotels.com, Orbitz and Booking.com. 

This seems like a natural step  and a welcome one for Hipmunk to take and they've executed it very well. Please find download links for the free app and more screenshots after the break.

Source: Hipmunk

Hipmunk  Hipmunk 2

Hipmunk 3  Hipmunk 4