Highlights from the Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience

It's hard to believe it has come and gone already, but the 2013 CES Experience is over. Right from the start, we had some great events and evenings planned for the crew… keep reading for some of the highlights...

Initial Team Meet-Up

With everyone flying in from all points across Canada and the US (everywhere from Hawaii to Montreal), we took some time to meet up at the Palms hotel prior to the NVIDIA press conference. A warm congratulations was given to all of our guests, and there may have even been a few hugs thrown in there too (for good measure).

Near the end of the meet-up NVIDIA handed out brand new Nexus 7 tablets. Talk about a great way to start the experience!

The First Meet Up!

NVIDIA Press Conference

Following our meet up, we headed over to the NVIDIA Press Conference. It took place at the RAIN nightclub in the Palms Hotel. To say our crew was delighted would be an understatement. Sitting in the front row, we were able to take in the announcements as delivered by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. The Tegra 4 Processor, NVIDIA Grid and NVIDIA Shield all made jaws drop, and it was really cool to hear all of the positive (and excited) chatter following the event.

From the NVIDIA Press Conference

Our front row view at the NVIDIA press conference

Tegra Community Dinner

On Monday night, NVIDIA treated our crew to a luxurious dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in the Paris Hotel (you know, the restaurant located within the Eiffel Tower!). Great views and delicious food was served alongside wine selections for each course… Ridiculous yes… ridiculously delicious.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Dinner was held in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant

The Dinner Menu

The menu!

Night Out at the Marquee Nightclub

With bellies full, we somehow managed to amble over to the Cosmopolitan hotel for an evening of fun at the Marquee nightclub. The place was packed wall-to-wall, and the crew got right into the fun. Besides the personal waitress, the security guards and private booth, I think it's fair to say our group was given the full out VIP treatment.

From The Marquee

The Marquee was hoppin'.

CES Opens its Doors

While some may have had a few cobwebs to shake out of their head in the morning, we still managed to get to CES the next morning. Passes in hand, a private tour of the NVIDIA booth was given, and our crew did their best to cover as much ground as possible on the show floor. It can be a little intimidating (especially for newcomers), but I think the guys did a great job of exploring and discovering some really great tech to look at, touch and drool over (booth staff wiped up the drool after we left).

Part of the CES Show Floor

Mobile Nations Community Dinner

On Tuesday night, the Mobile Nations team got together with the 'experience' crew at FIRST: Food & Bar in the Palazzo. It was an amazing turnout and the crew really enjoyed meeting their favorite Mobile Nations team members.

Marcus, Robert, Kevin and Phil

L-R: Marcus, Robert and Phil (with photobomb from Kevin)

As the night went on, we began to hear rumblings that someone very special may be dropping by… you could feel the excitement and anticipation building, sort of like a 6 year old trying to stay awake on Christmas Eve… and sure enough, later on in the evening RIM CEO Thorsten Heins stopped by to chat with us. To say he's a super solid guy would be an understatement. Very personable, down to earth and excited about the launch of BlackBerry 10. I think he won us all over (even the diehard Android and iPhone users in the group!).

Thorsten Heins paid us a visit

Talk about a great way to cap off the experience. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins stopped by to chat with us.

All Good Things Come to an End

Sadly, we had to draw the curtains on the Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience Tuesday evening. Our crew caught flights back home at different times on Wednesday, and some with later flights took the opportunity to pop back in to CES for another look.

On a personal note, I had a FANTASTIC time with the crew that came down to take part. It's always nice to put a face to the name, and our group was definitely a solid one. To Michael, Rich, TJ, Marques, Martin and Robert, safe travels, and we'll be seeing you again soon.

To the NVIDIA crew (especially @WillPark), thanks yet again for everything.

Our Last Night Out!

James Falconer
  • Ultra jealous and hope mobile nations does this next year...
    Also, what did Thorsten Heins say?
  • i'm just curious, what the hell is that giant floating Arial "2" for in the nightclub photo?
  • It's actually Helvetica. I was wondering the same thing though.
  • I took that picture. The 2 is because it was the second anniversary of the Marquee being open.
  • Who gives out a brand new Nexus 7 as a gift? Your family. Who? Your friends. How about someone you are not related to? NVIDIA. The press conference was awesome. Pre and post-conference food and drinks all around. We met the CEO of this tech giant on the floor during the after-party. No need for strict conference rules here. We met the guy with beer in our hands and hamburgers in our teeth. We were also introduced to the sexy dancers that we had been staring at with our jaws on the floor. My first trip to Vegas wouldn't be complete without having a tour of the city. We had the whole Monday to accomplish this. On the evening, we rendez-vous to have dinner within the Eiffel Tower! I must have had the most expensive dinner in my entire life. We were treated the whole menu of foods, not to mention five bottles of wine. Yes, expensive wine. The night wasn't over. We were taken to the Marquee, a world-class nightclub inside the Cosmo. All the beautiful women in Vegas must have organized themselves to attend this club that night because I finally went to one where the women ratio was higher than men. VIP entry, booth, drinks...I was just glad I remembered how I got to the hotel that morning. It was my first time at CES. Overwhelming. Best Buy in heaven. I couldn't believe at some of the things that I saw. 8K television? Did I get dragged into the next century? Despite all the glimmer and glam, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Project Shield! And take a picture with the Qubeey girls! Dinner was in order at the Palazzo. I got to meet all of the Mobile Nations stars. I was wondering why everyone stood up and started to group into one area of the restaurant? Thorsten Heins graced us with his presence. Thorsten Heins! Marcus Adolfsson! Jen-Hsun Huang! Three CEO's in three days! Special thanks to Will Park and James Falconer. If you are a techie like the most of us here in Mobile Nations, they are practically celebrities. They are as professional as they come with the most down-to-earth personalities. It was awesome hanging out with them. These guys took care of us from Day 1. I had a great time with the team and the winners. I have been to a few notable vacations around the world. This by far is the best. BIG thanks to NVIDIA and Mobile Nations.