Droid gets Froyo, flash (unofficially, of course)

Let's be honest, after having Jerry and Phil break down nearly every new Froyo feature in video, all of us Droid owners have been anxiously awaiting our turn to play around with it. Looks like the folks at MyDroidWorld have ported over a nandroid install of Froyo -- aka Android 2.2 -- for the Motorola Droid. The stock kernel has been removed from this leak, to help protect the leaker's identity, so at this time wifi does not work. But that seems like a fair trade. Once you have flashed over to Froyo, they have even been kind enough to give us Droid owners a direct download to Flash so that you can play around with that as well. What an exciting day for all the Droid owners, though having an official release would be nice, too. [MyDroidWorld]

Update: And Wifi's been fixed already!

Jared DiPane
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  • This is cool i can handle no wifi for a little while till it gets enabled again.
  • No wifi is a dealbreaker for me but still very good news. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Unfortunately, no wifi is a deal breaker for me too. Although I am very happy to see SOME sort of progress being made.
  • What about the Incredible.... there hasnt been any Good News Lately???? Why???
  • Because the incredible is garbage.
  • You are hysterical because the Incredible is a far better phone than the Droid , I own both , its not even close , sounds like sour grapes to me lol
  • you are crazy.... I have the Droid as well... and I cant even sell the thing anymore - with the Incredible offering so much more.. and way - WAY Better!!!!! But i guess that why you are a new user...
  • Actually, there are still plenty of people opting for the Droid. The Incredible is a nice phone, but make no mistake the Droid can, and does, handle everything the Incredible can. Plus lots of people would rather have a Droid over Sense any day. Like myself. My mother has an Incredible. She got it because she said the Droid was too much phone for her... Remember... Opinions aren't facts.
  • What's the diff between Clockwork Recovery and SP Recovery?
  • hey man can u tell me how to do it i am so confused please i have so many questions
  • In the process of installing it on my phone right now. I rarely use wifi, so I don't care about that as much. This rom IS rooted, so you can use rom manager to switch back once the honeymoon is over. I expect Cyanogen and Pete will have working roms out soon for it.
  • I need wifi, so wont be jumping at this, but it's one step closer to fully functioning froyo on our droids.
  • I dont care. But LOVE my moto droid
  • d00d when the evo rolls on Froyo im gonna be so happy
  • FYI, wifi fix + overclocked kernels are now available.
  • Wow, I want to see some benchmark of Droid w/ 2.2!
  • I got a 1182 on quandrant with the 800 mhz OC. A poster over at BGR said he got 1450+ with the 1.2 ghz kernel. update: just ran quandrant on 1.2 ghz kernel, got a 1629
  • Crap! Looks like MyDroidWorld got taken down. Anybody get the overclocked w/wi-fi fixed before it went down?
  • and.....It's back up!
  • I think this post temporarily killed the mydroidworld website. LOL. Its back up now though.
  • hi, i am new to android and was wondering if i have to root my phone first before putting this rom on? and what is the best guide for both rooting your phone and installing this rom on my device. also is this going to work on the milestone? are the milestone and the droid the same device? thanks for all your help!
  • I can't find the Adobe Flash 10.1b. The redirect is not found and it's not available on their site. Anyone have a link? Thanks
  • I got it off mdw.com but try here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HO8UZSDW
  • Thanks, got it.
  • You are all welcome...I am sorry I can't help you in the forums with questions... Thanks to Android Central non-sense!!! :(