Asus OnHub

It's no secret that Google is planning on bringing other manufacturers into the fold to grow their new OnHub router platform. Google's first offering is nice, but there's still a lot more to be offered and likely some additional features as the company learns and improves. Asus, manufacturer of routers most commonly mistaken for small spider robots that will one day rise up as one and challenge humanity for dominance, is planning to be one of the companies to work with Google on their app controlled router platform.

What you see here is the Asus OnHub router. We don't know when Google is planning to add this to the OnHub arsenal, but you can see it closely resembles the clean lines and simple shapes we see from the existing OnHub design. Like the current OnHub router, it'll be controlled by the OnHub app and has a subtle light in the base for letting you know everything is alright with your network connection. At the absolute least, Asus is a router brand with some weight behind it, so we'll surely see more on this little pillar of Internet soon.

Thanks, Anon!