Android M

There's no shortage of things to be excited about this week, which is to be expected when Google spends half a week showing off what they've got planned for the future. Naturally, the next iteration of Android is the talk of the town. Android M promises to be a leaner, cleaner, and smarter version of what we've got now, and if you've got a Nexus 5, 6, or 9 laying around that you don't need to do anything important you can flash the Developer Preview and take a look at what might be coming this fall.

Since not everyone is able to do this, we've put together a quick video walkthrough of the changes we've found so far.

For the most part, anyone who has used a Nexus device running Android 5.0 will feel right at home. Most of the interface is the same, with some interesting changes to the launcher, volume controls, and some new developer options worth taking a look at. We know from our experiences last year that nothing we see in this preview is set in stone, but it's fun to see what Google is working on while they are working on it.

We also know that this Developer Preview will be updated several times before it's available on whatever the next Nexus will be this fall, so there's bound to be more features and changes showing up over the next few months. In the mean time, sound off in the comments with what you think the most significant change is so far!