HERE Maps for Android updated to support Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch

The Samsung Gear S2 may not be available yet, but some Android apps are already adding support for the upcoming smartwatch. HERE Maps has updated the Android version of its mapping app to support the Gear S2.

While the app's page on the Google Play Store doesn't offer any details on how the HERE Maps app will work with the Gear S2, a recent blog post from HERE has a lot of information on this subject.

The preinstalled Samsung Maps on all Samsung Gear S2 devices integrates with the HERE for Gear app when you need turn-by-turn navigation.Use the Samsung Maps app to see your current position on a HERE map and search for places like hotels, restaurants or theaters nearby. When you've found a place you can select the information button to get more details about the location. Tapping the directional arrows icon will show you how long it will take to get there from your current position. Selecting "Navigate" from this screen will open HERE for Gear for turn-by-turn walk or drive navigation.

The Samsung Gear S2 is scheduled to launch in early October and, here's where you will be able to buy one.

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Source: HERE Maps

John Callaham