HBO Go gets updated with Epic 4G Touch support, here's how to get it working

HBO Go received an update today that brought bug fixes and support for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, but many users are finding that the app won't after updating it on their Samsung Galaxy S II, Sprint Epic 4G Touch (love that name!).  That's an easy fix, thanks to Android Central member Murphy5111.  You'll need to clear the application data, which is easy and quick to do:

  • On your homescreen, press the Menu button.
  • Go to Settings, Applications, Manage applications.
  • Scroll down the list until you find the HBO Go app, then press it's entry on the list.
  • Press the "Clear data" button.

You'll have to sign into your cable company account again, since you've manually wiped out the application data, but that's a small price to pay for streaming movies and HBO's programming.  You can find the update in the Android Market, or hit the link after the break.

More: Android Central Epic 4G Touch forums

Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • This App would be fantastic if you didn't have to have a HBO SUbscription... just charge me separate... I'd pay.
  • How about making a tablet version you lazy bastards.
  • I'll be honest. I had HBO for years until Netflix came along and then a Directv deal pulled me back in on a special and I think I'm back for good. I was keeping up with all the series on Netflix but it's really a pain in the you know what to wait a year before discs are released and then get them one at a time or wait another year before they might stream them. Well HBO is never getting streamed on Netflix but that refers to other series. The movies they have on demand through mobile or set top box download are the movies everyone wants to watch while Netflix is busy adding B and C movies with an occasional A to make some people happy. I'm going to keep my HBO subscription and dump the Netflix streaming. It's simply higher quality content even if they aren't advertising 20k titles.
  • Thanks for the love.
  • Much JOY and Happiness! Thanks HBO for updating a fantastic app. I have now moved my rating of this phone to Fantastic to Uber. Worked like a charm.....looks great on the "big screen" LOL
  • I wish TWC would hurry up and finalize the deal already -_- Figures that they'll have the app available when my free HBO access is over next month.
  • Then subscribe to HBO already, you cheap a$$. :-)
  • Thanks for the fix info!
  • Yay, Yay, Yay...Fricken YAY!
  • Also fixed for international version of SGS2. For which it was completely broken before. If I hook this up to my TV, will it mirror everything i put on my screen or will it give me a webtop experience from which I can only access local media files?
  • Both HBO Go and Max Go requested root access after this last update on my DINC running CM 7.1...did this happen to anyone else?
  • Yes, happened to me and my Sprint Epic 4G Touch... HBO Go requested root access and SuperUser access... WTF???
  • I have a AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II and I did the update to 1.2 for HBO GO. I cleared data as previously mentioned with no video still. So I did it again. Same thing no video. So I did what HBO GO's description suggested and I uninstalled and then reinstalled. Still no damn video!!! Is anyone else having this issue still? I have a brand new stock phone with the newest updates installed.
  • Same issue here!!! No luck on ATT SGS II!!
  • Same issue here as well! WTF
  • My ATT SG2 has the issue that when i fire up this app or the MAX GO app, select U-Verse.. it barks at me that ATT U-Verse is NOT a supported carrier at this time..?!?!?! I've been running both on my ATT Captivate with no problems ever since they started carrying both these services...NICE!!! :/
  • Nice but that's a Google Nexus S in the photo not a GS2 :P
  • Thanks, this fixed this issue !!!