These are Hayato's favorite music accessories, and the ones he can't live without

I've been playing guitar for a little over a decade now, and singing for about as long. In that time, I've become a bit of a gearhead (okay, maybe more than a bit), and I'm always looking to find the most efficient and portable gear possible — especially since I do a ton of traveling for work, and sometimes it's nice to be able to bring some way of creating or practicing music with me. Here are some of the things I use daily, along with some bits from my forever-changing wishlist of new gear.

Travel accessories

I'm on the go a lot, which means portability is a key factor for me when buying gear. I've grown tired of humming into my phone every time I have an idea that I don't want to forget, so having an instrument I can bring everywhere with me is amazingly helpful. I've also been taking a lot more advantage of plugins lately when I'm practicing guitar — I'm partial to my friend Plini's Archetype plugin from Neural DSP, which pairs nicely with a simple USB interface.

Accessories for practicing and recording at home

For more stationary gear that mostly stays in my office, I don't have to focus so much on portability (even though it's still my preference). For most of my playing and recording, I run through an Axe FX II XL+, which handles all of my amp sounds and effects, but it's big and expensive and hard to recommend for a lot of musicians. These are some of the more conventional devices I've come to love (or lust after).

Work with what you've got

Ultimately, part of being a gearhead means that I'm never satisfied with my equipment for long; I'll always find something new and supposedly life-changing that I just have to have … but the truth is that you can make amazing music without any of this stuff. One of my favorite things about music is that you can be just as inspired by cheap or sparse equipment as you can by a room full of expensive gear, so find what works for you and get to creating!

Hayato Huseman

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.