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Have you reserved your Galaxy S20 pre-order?

Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20 (Image credit: OnLeaks)

Ready or not, the Galaxy S20 will be here before you know it. We've been following rumors and leaks for the S20 for months at this point, and yesterday, Samsung officially opened reservations for the phone so you can be among the first to pre-order it.

We're stoked to see what Samsung has in store for us with the S20 lineup, and looking through the AC forums at how many people are already registered, it looks like the interest is building.

Surprisingly Samsung has decided to open up reservations already. Guessing to see whose interested in the new devices. Here's the link for anyone interested


I was able to sign up for this a few hours ago and got an email to confirm it.


Signed up as well!


What about you? Have you reserved your Galaxy S20 pre-order?

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  • Think I'll wait two or three months and save 4-500 quid, no way the top dollar prices rumored at launch will last very long
  • Nope... I am waiting.
  • Nope, on black Friday got a zte axon 10 pro and am loving it. Just got the Android 10 update too. Best thing about it? I paid 449.99 during black Friday. Beats spending a grand or more.
  • Nope gotten way too expensive imo... Our last Sammy's were the GS7/Edge not looking back since.
  • Yes but not sure if I'll commit to it.
  • I reserved one, will probably grab the Ultra. If I love it I will keep it but if not, I'll stick with my Pixel. Gotta have that new stuff.
  • Nope, Sammy is getting outta hand with the prices especially if your spouse upgrades at the same time. Might be time to review more sub $1K phones