Have you ever dropped and broken your phone?

Cracked Nexus 5
Cracked Nexus 5 (Image credit: Android Central)

Chances are we've all been there at one point or another. You're using your phone perfectly fine with no worries in the world. Then, whether you trip or someone bumps into you, you lose your grip and your phone goes flying through the air — and all you can do is hope and pray the damage isn't too serious.

Dropping your phone is never a fun time, but depending on how everything happens, some drops can be worse than others.

Some of our AC forum members recently began talking about their drop stories, with some of the highlights being as follows.

Back when I had a Nexus 6P, I made the mistake of trying a nice leather-textured stick-on decal (for the grip factor, since that 6P was slippery as the devil) instead of a case. Of course, about a few days after applying the decal, I was sitting at restaurant patio with the phone in my front pants pocket, legs crossed. The phone had been peeking out of the top of my pocket initially, and that...

B. Diddy

My Note 8 with no screen protector has hit the screen face down at least a dozen times and hasn't cracked yet. Most common culprit is my headphone cord, really should go wireless one of these days. Haha


I don't drop my phone very much (maybe 5 times ever). Last time was a new Pixel 3 dropped on the sidewalk from about 5 feet. while walking the dog. Fortunately it was in a OBLIQ case with a lip and had a Whitestone Dome applied the day before. No damage at all.


Back in January I was at my son's house and my phone was facedown on a table outside. His dog came by swinging his tail like Reggie Jackson up at bat. Down it went in to a concrete patio. At the time I had taken off the screen protector to try a new skin and I think if I hadn't, it might have been prevented. Note 10plus repair was 304.00 including tax. They replace more than just the screen. ...

Mike Dee

What about you? Have you ever dropped and broken your phone?

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