Have you disabled Bixby on your Samsung phone?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Image credit: Android Central)

If you're the owner of a Galaxy S8/S8+ or Note 8, you've run into Bixby at least once or twice. Between the left-most home screen and dedicated hardware button, Samsung's want for users to interact with its AI is quite apparent.

Bixby has proven itself to be surprisingly great for certain tasks, but to no one's surprise, it still falls behind Google Assistant in other areas. Now that Bixby's been out in the wild for a few months, we wanted to check back in with some of our forum users to see whether or not you're still using Bixby.

Here's what you had to say.

I have been using Bixby Remapper for a while now, and I love it. I have remapped the button to open gallery instead, but I'm still using Bixby voice commands occasionally. I also use Button Mapper to have more uses for double click and long press volume up/down buttons. The reason why I chose these apps instead of others like BxActions is that the others require installing using a computer and...


Well, I actually never setup Bixby to begin with so it doesn't even launch at all when I remap it with BxActions. I even have my Bixby home disabled as well.


I did it. It works reliably for me. I use BK Disabler. I mapped Google Maps to the button. Note that I also still have Bixby voice activated and use it for just a couple programmed Voice Commands. Not a big fan of Bixby but there are a couple things it can do that I want it for.


i used bixby button to activate Google assistant


With all that said, what about you – Are you still using Bixby on your phone?

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