Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories has made its debut on the Play Store, bringing the classic farming simulator to Android devices. You're tasked with running a farm, which entails growing crops, flowers, and trees, as well as raising livestock, starting a family, upgrading your home, and much more.

Here's what's on offer:

  • Grow a variety of crops, flowers, and trees! See if you can discover new kinds of mutations!
  • Raise livestock like cows, sheep, and chickens!
  • Take your horse for a jaunt around town!
  • Take care of pets like your trusty dog!
  • With 10 marriageable candidates -- 5 guys and 5 gals -- everyone will be able to find that special someone they're looking for!
  • Upgrade your tools to find the highest-quality items!
  • Participate in contests and festivals like the Cooking Contest and Starry Night Festival!
  • Excavate rare ore and crafting materials in the mine. How far can you go?

The game is now available on the Play Store for $10.