Hands-on with the Motorola Motoluxe

Motorola continues to iterate with every new device, and the Motorola Motoluxe is no exception. It's got a 4-inch display and is rocking Android 2.3 (lame, but not surprising), has the usual Motorola UI improvements and sports an 8MP camera with autofocus and flash.

Android Central @ CES

Picking it up, you'll be struck by the weight -- or lack thereof -- and the cool little quick-launch apps widget that's planted on the homescreen. (There's a similar widget for your favorite contacts.)

And save for a VGA front-facing camera and 1400 mAh battery, that's about it. Not to say that it's a bad phone -- it's a solid mid-level device, which is what Motorola was aiming for. This is definitely one you folks in Greater China, Europe and Latin America will want to check out when it's released in February.

We've got a full hands-on after the break.

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Phil Nickinson