Motorola Endeavor X1 Bluetooth headset

We spent a fair amount of time at CES strolling through the Motorola section, handling the international versions of the Droid, the new Backflip and some Chinese Android phones. And Rene Ritchie from The iPhone Blog and I hung out in the accessories section and found Moto's latest Bluetooth headset, the Endeavor HX1.

In addition to having dual-microphone noise cancellation, the Endeavor HX1 has a trick up its sleeve should the background noise be too great to overcome: It'll simply turn off the mics and use conduction -- the sound of your voice moving through your ear canal -- to clear things up. Moto calls this "Sealth Mode."

Rene got video of the Endeavor HX1 at CES. Peep it after the break. (Full disclosure: We also just got the Endeavor HX1 in the Android Central Store. It's available for $109.95.)