Hands-on with Belkin's Qi Wireless Charging Pad

We're always trying new products in the realm of wireless charging, finding what stands out in design and functionality. This latest addition from Belkin meets the 1A charging standard but doesn't scream originality with its looks.

It's not completely unheard of, but most wireless chargers on the market won't include an AC adapter along with their bundled USB cable. And, if you're using yours at your desk — not such a huge deal. Belkin has included a white 2.1A power adapter with their Qi wireless charging pad that goes great with the matching 6ft. USB cable. A nice addition — making it easy to use the pad anywhere there's an outlet instead of relying on existing USB power adapters you may or may not be using.

The charging pad is about 5" in diameter and has a high-friction material on the surface that helps prevent your device from sliding around. The underside features a rubber pad as well, keeping it from moving on whatever surface you decide to place it on. As you might expect — there's a small LED on the edge that blinks green while charging a Qi-compatible device. It's not very bright, so using one on your nightstand shouldn't keep you awake.

With the 1A charge you'll get from this pad, it's nothing comparable to the latest quick chargers available. But, it's all about the convenience, right? Set it and forget it. We tested its ability to charge with a couple different cases around the Galaxy S6 (Spigen Neo Hybrid and Ringke Fusion), and both worked perfectly. Although Belkin states that this charging pad is small enough to keep in your pocket, its rounded shape certainly feels like an awkward fit, and may be better left in your bag while traveling.

The verdict

Belkin's Qi Wireless Charging Pad may not be the poster boy for innovative Qi chargers, but it works. Having that AC adapter included with a lengthy 6ft. USB cable is nice, too. If you can see past its unusually high price of $36.95 and are a fan of its modern design — it's not a bad choice.

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Brent Zaniewski