Babolat Play Pure Drive

Work on your swing and technique with modern technology

Samsung Developer ConferenceWe've seen fitness trackers, but what about a connected tennis tracker? Babolat's Play Pure Drive is a connected tennis racket that gives you more information on your tennis skills than you could ever imagine, and we've had a chance to use it here at SDC 2014. Working with its massive experience in making tennis rackets, the Babolat Play Pure Drive feels and plays the same as its other high-end rackets but gives you buckets of data after your training session or competitive match for analysis.

There's no complicated setup — just install the Babolat Play app on your phone or tablet, power on the racket and go through training, a friendly match or even a competition. Buttons on the bottom of the handle help you sync, power it on and create markers between sets, giving you more data points to work with.

When you're done playing, sync the racket over Bluetooth to your device and it'll pull in all of the data since your last sync for analysis. The app will show you accuracy, how much spin you apply in each shot, how much movement you did throughout the session and even distinguish between forehand, backhand and serves. You can then share with friends and compare to them or your previous sessions, and even send off session data to a trainer for analysis even if they didn't actually see you play on the court.

At $399 the Babolat Play Pure Drive probably isn't the best choice for casual weekend tennis players, but if you want to take your game more seriously it's going to be one of the tools to check out.

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