As the world watched the DROID get its official treatment from Verizon, it cringed a little bit. Why? Because Verizon is a CDMA network while most of the rest of the world run GSM networks (like T-Mobile & AT&T). Meaning the Verizon DROID as we knew it, wouldn't be too useful outside of the US. Luckily, there is a GSM Version of the Motorola DROID ready to be released: It's called the Motorola Milestone and it's heading to Germany on O2 and Vodafone on November 9th.

A leaked O2 web page pointed us in the direction and an official showing on Motorola's Germany site confirmed it, the world is about to get their DROID on (albeit in a different name). It's currently listed at $595 but we all know how crazy European contracts can get, by the end of the week they'll probably pay you to take the phone.

And though we'll get the DROID first in the states, the GSM/European version one ups us by adding multitouch to its slew of features. Yep, pinch to zoom will be available on the Milestone. Start getting jealous.

Hit the jump for the video of multitouch on the Motorola Milestone aka DROID!


Multitouch is shown off around the 3 minute mark

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