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Fresh of the heels of a potential WiFi only Xoom showing it's face in the FCC, the Motorola Xoom has shown it's face once again, this time in a different flavor. Tbreak has a hands-on video with a Xoom tricked out in silver, and sporting a GSM radio on the inside. There is also confirmation that the UAE will be receiving the Xoom in WiFi-only and 3G GSM + WiFi models, which is just more proof that a WiFi-only version does exist.

Aside from that, it's the same Xoom we've all come to know and love. This one will be hitting Dubai, and there's no word on how this will be comparable in terms of pricing, but our guess is there won't be much change from it's rumored $800 price tag here in the U.S. We can only hope this sort of variety is something we'll eventually see here at home, and the sooner the better. Hit the jump for the video hands-on. [tbreak via Engadget]

  • Man I hope they bring out a wifi model in a decent time frame. And a decent price.
  • if the 3g version in $800 unsubsidized, then the wifi only will be about 600-700, hopefully less
  • This isn't confirmed. This is some guy saying it. It's likely to be true, but not because of this video.
  • That most definetly looks like a smaller version
  • I think that's alot of wishful thinking there buddy.... its the same size.
  • People in Dubai can afford it at any price. $800.00 is what they carry around in their pocket. If I was selling a high priced device, I would start there too!