Groundlink car service Android app updated for more accurate ETAs, better registration

Groundlink has updated its car service Android application with a number of improvements that make the entire process easier on you, the rider. 

For starters, you'll get updates on where the car is even more quickly than you were before. That's one of the more fun aspects of an app and service like this -- being able to see the car en route to pick you up. You'll also get more accurate estimates as to when the car is on the way.

Groundlink also has simplified the registration process. So if that's kept you from trying out the service, no more excuses. There's a new registration screen to go along with it. 

Groundlink also now accepts international billing, for those of you traveling to the United States. That also allows you to book a car from anywhere in the world.

In addition, there have been improvements to the overall order process, as well as general bug fixes. 

We've got download links after the break.

Phil Nickinson