Grid10 Tablet gets a $200 price cut before it even launches

We painstakingly sat through Fusion Garages CEO Chandrasekar “Chandra” Rathakrishnan's announcement of the Grid10 Tablet and Grid4 phone not too long ago. We even heard him try to slander Androids popularity, and that he was out to make something entirely different -- all the while telling us the Grid10 would use the Android kernel as well as run Android apps. Despite all that, and the dreadfully terrible webcast he gave for the announcement, the Grid10 and Grid4 did pique some interest.

At the time, the creator of the JooJoo flop told us the Grid10 would cost $499 for the 16GB WiFi version with the 16GB 3G/WiFi version coming in at $599. Well, Fusion Garage must not have had many pre-orders because they've now dropped the price to $299 for the 16GB WiFi version and $399 for the 16GB 3G/WiFi version. That almost brings the price down to a point where we it could be considered a good deal for a 10.1-inch 1366 x 768-pixel display with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset. Just don't calling it an Android Tablet -- Fusion Garage may ship you a JooJoo out of spite.

Source: Fusion Garage; via Engadget

  • This might be a good budget 10" tab since side-loading android apps shouldn't be a problem.
  • Drop it another $50 & I'll take 2!
  • lol this is going to die faster than the HP Touchpad.
  • Yeah, but the TouchPad was actually good ;)
  • Wow I tried to sit through that damn video that they released a while back and personally I found watching the Kettle boil more entertaining. And this has grab my interest about as much as going Hill Billie Hand Fishing for Parana!!!
  • Lol, noodling for piranhas, classic. hahahah
  • cut 200 more.
  • I want one. At least it not following the same black slab with 4 to 7rows across. It shows immagination. Jerry,you are better that your comments,DON't BE A SHEEP.This tablet is worth more that 100 dollars..Jerry don't lock yourself into being a SHEEP.
  • speak english
  • They call basically a skin "GridOS"? That's like MIUI claiming that they aren't Android... I'll stick to the real deal, if I do get one of these it'll be only if xda ports over Honeycomb/ICS.
  • Hmmm? Drop it another $150 ;-)
  • Hardware not software differentiation plz
  • Pricing negotiations were finalized recently with their supply chains to set a final price on the product. Same goes for other markets as well whether it's food or electronics. A distributor isn't going to give you a good deal on meats and produce if they know your not going to put use of their products and come back for more. I think they'll have a good start and we'll probably start seeing our favorites taking UI ideas from them like the most everyone did from WebOS. ...but they speak blasphemy when talking about Android, but money talks. And they're not asking for much.
  • Amazon app market only for apps and they don't know what frequencies the radio will run on! Fusion Garages CS actually doesn't know a lot of things with this tablet,and can't figure anything out even though they have them in their hands! New tablet, no training, probably shouldn't even answer the phone!
  • Is it just me, or the JooJoo tablet looks awfully similar with ipad? I think they should sue Apple for stealing THEIR design since that tablet was designed in 2008-2009.