9 great webcams you can actually buy on Amazon right now

Logitech C920x Webcam Lifestyle
Logitech C920x Webcam Lifestyle (Image credit: Logitech)

If you're doing a lot of video calls and meetings, you probably want to invest in a webcam. While they aren't as difficult to find in stores now as they were a year ago, they are still in pretty high demand with so many people working from home at least some of the time. Slowly but surely, webcams are coming back in stock. But you don't want to settle on buying anything you can find - you need it to work well. So, we have rounded up the best webcams available on Amazon right now.

Video conferencing all with webcams available on Amazon

Video conferencing can be a frustrating necessity nowadays, and there aren't a lot of webcams that give you the "full package" without sacrifice. You can't go wrong with a Logitech webcam, and the C920x HD Pro webcam might cost a bit more, but it will be worth it to take advantage of Logitech's reputation for quality products that work well and take every aspect into account, from the video to the audio.

Another solid option is for those who need to ensure there is enough lighting so that you don't end up looking like Sith Lord on camera. The Vitade 960A features a ring light surrounding the camera lens, which sports three adjustable brightness levels and touch control. There are even built-in facial enhancement features to make you look better than you would expect. If none of these work for you, or if you are saving up your money to get the one you want, you can always temporarily use your Android phone's camera as a webcam.

Webcams aren't as tough to find now as they were a year ago, but you still want to make sure you're getting something good and not just what you can get your hands on. And these webcams available on Amazon are all solid picks.

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