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Grab the ThunderBolt update yet?

Just a quick reminder that you can now snag the latest update for the HTC ThunderBolt that addresses the reboots, as well as:

  • Improved data connectivity.
  • Enhanced Call History view.
  • Reduced number of device power cycles and resets.
  • Improved Bluetooth Discovery Mode pop-up window.
  • View App Menu in tabbed layout.
  • People search function enabled.
  • Backup Assistant has been added to the All Apps menu.
  • Preloaded My Verizon, V CAST Music and V CAST Videos.
  • Desktop cradle App is now available, showing clock in landscape m
  • NY Times site has been added into the browser bookmarks.

If it hasn't pushed out, go to Setting>About phone and have it check for updates. And be sure to hit for the forums to see how the update's affecting everybody else.

More: ThunderBolt forums; Thanks, Nick, for the pic!

  • The update doesn't allow you to use the Skype video beta anymore. How about instead of blocking that, you come out with the actual video Skype app.
  • now all we have to wait for is someone to root this update and give us all the good pieces of it. just sucks its not gingerbread
  • Got the update, goodbye free hotspot, hello to froyo again. No gingerbread yet! FAIL! Nothing like having an out-dated phone but having to paying more to use its capabilities, Thanks V u suck! Of course via my Twitter account I get this:
    VZWSupport We do not have a release date for Gingerbread. Once available, it will be pushed to your device. Thank you. ^LA Anyone at V know Q2 is over? HTC should ban them from selling their phones.
  • Htc said q2 not verizon. Htc is the one who can't get the update. Idiot. Smh
  • Clicking check new results in nothing happening for me. On stock MR1. Has anyone been able to get around this and pull the update?
  • I got the mr2 leak and All I get is error. No data connectivity.
  • i dont understand why they cant get gb on the bolt. the inc2 is going to get it before tbolt. i mean fixing things is all good. but throwing more bloatware is just down right horrible. i think im goin to finally root an rom very soon.
  • So one of the fixes isn't improve battery llife? Lolz
  • Update data connectivity error can be fixed by lte on/off toggle. No GB, No Netflix, No more free hotspot, No skype video now = VZW FAIL. VZW sent me new Droid Charge for my TB problems yesterday. Which should I keep now? I like the NY times bookmark with update lol MAJOR FAIL
  • How did you get them to send you a charge?
  • I get a error with no service.
  • Solution = ROOT ROOT ROOT!!!! I waited so long to root and wish I had day one. It's quite easy to do and resolved all my issues; reboots, lousy GPS connectivity... ALL HANDLED! With the proper software this is the best phone Verizon has. I love it now when I was close to sending it back.
  • You are right. I rooted and now have Gingerbread with full sense 3.0. I have improved battery life, Netflix, Skype Video. Its funny how Devs can make a proper update but two big corporations like Verizon and HTC can't. But this phone definitely is the best phone on there roster with the proper software on it.
  • I'm rooted with a custom rom. Did not download (shouldn't download if root, right). But did get the new radio from xda-devlopers. Lets see if getting the latest radio will help with reboot issues. So far so good. but only had it loaded for 7 hours.
  • This ROM is already rooted... see here: So far, I have only installed the new radio. Seems to have improved my LTE coverage. Still waiting for the new ROM to download.
  • idk about you guys, but i nee NO signs of a tabbed app menu on my post-update TB. Did i miss something here?
  • I'm having the same issue.
  • My Thunderbolt is running really well after this update. The GPS is finally locking in almost instantly in Navigation. I've noticed that when you power down the phone, the screen fades out. There's also a 3G/4G switch in settings. No tabbed browsing, though. That seems like it would come with the GB update. I've never really had the reboot issues.
  • Is this one gonna take away root access and whatever ROM I'm using? If so, I'm not even going to consider taking the update. BAMF team has more than made up for any issues with the stock phone.
  • Jbundles: Same here, no tabbed app menu following the OTA update (I'm on fully stock, not rooted as yet). On the upside, also no NYT bookmark that I can see, which I would've just deleted anyways. Although, where is the desktop cradle app hidden? Is it a new app, or just an update to the existing clock app? I was annoyed to see that the pre-loaded phone contacts for #Bal, #Data, #Min, etc were all reset and now locked so I can't rename them. I had previously renamed them to zz-Bal, zz-Data, zz-Min, etc so that they were still available but were moved to the end of the list. Now I can't rename them or edit them in any way. I've never had the random reboots on mine, so no difference for me on that - still stable.
  • Does anyone else's unlock screen not show up anymore after the update?
  • im fully stock, no leaked MR2 here, and according to the release notes posted above and in the release Verizon release notes, it was SUPPOSED to be included.
    i never had a problem with restarts, so no complaints here, but i did have issues with GPS/Nav.
    no problems with the lock screen
  • Yea, it works fine, I didnt realize they changed the timeout back to 15 minutes.
  • I really Do Not like the bloatware they threw on my TB!!! And I also hate the way they show 3G and 4G on the upper screen!!! SMH why cant Verizon just fix things and thats it!!!
  • I really Do Not like the bloatware they threw on my TB!!! And I also hate the way they show 3G and 4G on the upper screen!!! SMH why cant Verizon just fix things and thats it!!!
  • Nothing is happening for me. When I check for software update it acts like its looking and then the popup just closes. It doesn't give me the usual message of No new updates or anything.
  • Same issue on my wife's phone. We got the proper notification when I checked last night and only had a little battery left so ignored it until I got back to the AC to make sure it did not fail mid process. Now I get that same behavior where the checking dialog appears and then disappears. I called Verizon, reset the phone to factory and IT STILL CHECKS AND DIALOG DISAPPEARS as it does for you. Resolution? They are sending me a new phone... This is not good. On my phone TBolt phone update is working great, GPS fast, no reboots, new 3G logo, free hotspot gone (I just started to find use for it). I am a stock user etc. So really happy with mine except my wife is ready to kill me as there does not appear to be a resolution for your/her issue. Any of you advanced guys know how to make it look harder for the OTA? Aside from rooting? VZW did not.
  • Same disappearing act on my phone. VZ folks said to cross fingers and hope for update to appear in next two days, but if it didn't, BRING it BACK for an EXCHANGE. Sorry about the yelling. My son and daughter-in-laws TB updated fine. I would get the dud phone.
  • hahahahahaha. Another joke.
  • I just came from my local Verizon store and I asked about the Update lastnight and they have a different list of fixes and add-ons than was was posted online and on there website yesterday...There was nothing about NY times Bookmark (thank God) Nothing about the Enhanced call history. Or the View App menu in a tabbed layout. They didnt know what that was or ever heard of it.The desktop cradle was in there but nobody knows what or where it is. If you look in your settings on your phone you will notice that your DOCK feature is no longer listed. The people search fuction was added but again they dont know where or what it is. Plus they added Rock band app in the update that wasnt listed yesterday.I called HTC today and they were no help either about the Enhanced call history or the View app in a tabbed layout. Please let me know if anyone gets any info on those
  • I check for software updates and get "Download Failed".... Anyone else had this issue or any ideas how to fix?
  • I got the same thing. Last update took me 2 weeks to get. I hope this isn't the same issue this time
  • I updated last night. Just noticed my phone rebooting. # FAIL #
  • I would try a new device. That doesn't make sense.
  • Folks.... if you're ROOTED, do not attempt the OTA update. Use the link I posted above.
  • Installed the update as soon as it came out. Not impressed at all. The only things good about the update was the data usage widget and the lte toggle. Can't believe they pushed back the gingerbread update. Does anyone have an easy way of rooting the thunderbolt or would be willing to walk me through the process? Would like to get a ROM that has sense 3.0 and gingerbread. Thanks
  • It's a nice update. However, the article has the wrong feature list up (they are using the one from Droid Life which got some of the Gingerbread components mixed in there). So far, it's faster overall and no reboots. GPS lockon is WAY faster and so is the handoff between LTE/3G. Bootup is quicker and battery life is a bit better (say 10% improvement). As to the people overreacting because it's not GB, who cares? Gingerbread will come as soon as they have everything tested out and working right for LTE on it (the DInc 2 is not LTE). They have to have everything set for three radios, not to mention proper signal handoffs. This one is complex and they need to get it right.
  • I agree, plus HTC is busy working on updates for other phones too, such as the Desire, working on possible 2.3.4 updates for phones such as the Evo 3D, Sensation and possibly the Evo 4G, and working on R&D for news devices for the launch in the holiday season and R&D for foreign such as the Evo+ And other unreleased European devices. Point is... The TBOLT has been out for 4 months. Be patient. HTC has already updated a few of its devices to GB. As far as no Video Skype and other stuff that was promised at launch but not delivered... THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT! I'm with them on this one. HTC needs to get it together and give what was promised from the beginning.
  • I know, but the guilty party on the Video Skype is Skype itself. They couldn't make it work properly and apparently have not delivered the needed update.
  • I have a question for all the TBolt users out there. Which kind of people annoys you the most? The kind of people in which after showing off your phone to them, says "So its like the iPhone" Or the kind that says "oh, so its like the Evo"
  • Thanks for the rooted rom and radio! Installed yesterday, had a long car trip, normally gps would take several minutes to lock on and definitely rebooted twice on the way. No reboots and quick gps lock! I'm a happy camper, gb would have been nicebutim thrilled to have a functional phone! Now I can use carrrmatey again to locate my car in a parking lot! I missed that app but couldn't use it due to the super slow gps lock! Btw I did not wipe and it's fine. I was running a stock rom before. I got all the expected changes but didn't have to reinstall anything and it all works.
  • Just checked again, still not updating for me, think I'm about to root this thing.
  • Hey folks,
    I keep checking for a new software update on my phone, but all I get is a pop up window that says " checking for new Software update available now", then......nothing..... I'm confused. When I've done this in the past it usually pops up another window that says "no new update available".. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • Look above - a number of us. Remedy is new phone so far. I was hoping someone here would know how to get it to try harder and fix this issue.
  • This is REALLY starting to suck............
  • Me and my wife both have a bolt mine update normal no problems my wife's not so. Every time I tried to up date I got server unavailable I got this for two days finally after googling the problem I fond if u take of the battery cover it can only use 1x and then it downloaded fine the first time I put the cover back on and 3 g turned on and download went away so leave the cover off and try. Good luck.
  • I updated on friday night and just had my first reset :( I'm sure it will be the first of many
  • I rooted and now have Gingerbread with full sense 3.0. I have improved battery life, Netflix, Skype Video. Its funny how Devs can make a proper update but two big corporations like Verizon and HTC can't. But this phone definitely is the best phone on there roster with the proper software on it.
  • Hey man, Would you be willing to help me root mine with the same thing? I have been wanting it for a while but have no idea where to begin with the rooting process. Thanks,
  • I keep getting Service Unavailable..... This blows! What gives??
  • Updatet never happened. Getting new TB. They tried to charge me for overnight shipping but I reminded them ithey sold me a defective phone, so they're shipping it overnight at no charge.
  • For those having issues with checking for update try dialing *#*#2432546#*#* . On notifications it should say something like device checked in. Once that appears try checking for update again. It worked for me after having the same issues with update checker.
  • Should I get this update if I wasn't having any problems with the restarts? I am generally pleased with the way my phone is working (minus the lack of GB and Skype with video, of course) and hate to mess with a good thing. Any thoughts?
  • And yes, I do realize that I am a little late to the game but, since I wasn't have problems, I wasn't too worried about it.
  • And yes, I do realize that I am a little late to the game but, since I wasn't having problems, I wasn't too worried about it.