Google's upcoming Chromecast replacement will run Android TV, emphasize media over apps

Chromecast Ultra cables behind tv
Chromecast Ultra cables behind tv (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google is set to debut a Chromecast Ultra replacement.
  • This new dongle will re-focus on media over apps amd wlll run the soon-to-be-rebranded Android TV.
  • The company will also look into using the Nest brand on the Chromecast sequel.

Google just debuted the Pixel Buds and is set for a launch of the Pixel 4a in the coming weeks, but that isn't the end of the company's short-term hardware releases.

9to5Google earlier shared a report of an upcoming Chromecast Ultra successor, and now we have a few more details, courtesy of Protocol.

Protocol reports:

Google is set to introduce an Android TV streaming device in the coming months, a reimagined dongle with a new user interface that will put a bigger emphasis on individual movies and TV shows as opposed to apps, multiple sources with knowledge of the company's plans told Protocol. The company will likely extend its Nest brand to the new device, according to one of those sources.Google's upcoming streaming device has been described as looking similar to a Chromecast streaming adapter, but will function more like a Roku or Fire TV stick. Whereas a Chromecast needs a phone to launch content, the new device will come with a full-fledged TV interface and ship with its own remote control.Users will be able to install apps for streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ from Google's Play Store, and the device will be integrated with Google Assistant for voice control. Like other Android TV devices, it will allow users to cast content, and it is expected to support Google's Stadia cloud gaming service.Google will market the device under a distinct brand, separating it from third-party streaming devices based on Android TV, according to two sources with knowledge of the company's plans. The company is considering using its Nest brand for this purpose, according to one of these people, which would be in line with Google's recent efforts to turn Nest into the umbrella brand for its smart home and entertainment hardware efforts.

It's not super clear when Google will release the new dongle. It could happen around the Pixel 4a's release this month, or it could happen earlier, or later. As Google's Pixel buds still dropped just mere weeks before the 4a is predicted to, it's more than clear that the proximity of Google's product releases don't influence each other's launches.

As for the Android TV powering this dongle, Google may also be rebranding that to Google TV, if another report proves accurate. It's a season of rebrandings.

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Michael Allison
  • If they go with Nest branding, I hope they call it a Nesticle. Since it kind of just hangs there. Like .... an icicle ...
  • Gonna have to be a good reason for me to upgrade. I am content with my Chromecast Ultras
  • Android TV is so much better. Youll never want want to Chromecast again. Casting will fell like a chore when navigating with a good remote.
  • The remote is good enough of a reason for me to upgrade. Just so much easier to use a remote
  • So many people cry out for a remote and i just don't understand why.
  • Use the Nvidia shield (2019) with it's remote for a week, and put your phone down for more than 5 minutes at a time (it's tough, isn't it) and you'll understand.
  • 100% People act like their phone isn't an infinitely better remote. "Casting is like a chore!" What?
    "Put your phone down for more than 5 minutes!" What? You need a remote to put down your phone or something? The option is fine, but it's no better.. I don't quite get the tagline under the headline. Chrome is a much bigger brand than Nest - that change seems very silly to me. I think Google would made better inroads into things if they stopped rebranding and replacing stuff so much..
  • So another remote to juggle or to mislay. Or one more to program onto my Harmony. What's wrong with using your phone?
  • Finally! I saw no point in Chromecast broadcasting from my phone.