Google's self-driving car

The speed of the cars will be capped at 25mph, and they will also feature safety drivers should anything go awry. From Google:

This summer, a few of the prototype vehicles we've created will leave the test track and hit the familiar roads of Mountain View, Calif., with our safety drivers aboard.

Each prototype's speed is capped at a neighborhood-friendly 25mph, and during this next phase of our project we'll have safety drivers aboard with a removable steering wheel, accelerator pedal, and brake pedal that allow them to take over driving if needed.

Google mentions that its autonomous vehicle will feature the same software and array of sensors as the fleet of retrofitted Lexus RX450h SUVs, which were used to test the search giant's driverless initiative before a completely original prototype was announced last year. Google said that its fleet of driverless cars have thus far logged over a million miles on the road.

Earlier this week, Google revealed that its driverless cars (the modified Lexuses) have been involved in 11 "minor" accidents over the course of the last six years, although it noted that its vehicles weren't to blame in any of the incidents.

Source: Google