Google Calendar is adding new chips to make hopping between months a breeze

Google Calendar app on an Android phone
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What you need to know

  • Google Calendar's Android app now includes a dropdown menu beneath the current month's view, offering quick access to navigation chips for seamless month switching.
  • Users can preview up to four months ahead and easily scroll left or right to select a desired month.
  • Despite being part of a specific app version, the update is likely rolled out server-side, ensuring widespread availability.

Google Calendar just ironed out a pesky little annoyance we've often faced when planning months ahead. The Android app now makes switching between months a breeze with new navigation chips.

On one of our devices with Google Calendar (version 2024.13.1-624115131-release) installed, there's a new dropdown below the current month's view. Tapping on it brings up a row of chips that allow you to jump between months on the go.

You can check out about four months ahead (but it might vary based on how big your screen is), and you can scroll left or right to pick a month quickly, whether it's in the future or the past.

The change was first spotted by former Android Police editor Manuel Vonau, who noticed these chips in the Schedule view on the app (via 9to5Google). You can find them snugly nestled between the monthly calendar and the agenda list. The same is true for the Day and Week views.

As you can see in the screenshots below, the chips do take up a bit of space in those views, but it's not really a big deal given how small they are. Meanwhile, the chips are located right above the dates in the Month view.

This new bar seems to let you scroll all the way ahead, so you can zoom into the future by years, or even decades, in a flash.

While the feature is present in version 2024.13.1-624115131-release, Vonau points out that it's likely a server-side update.

The Calendar app already lets you swipe left and right to move through the months, but these new chips make it way easier to hop to a particular month.

Chips play a big role in the Android experience. Some, like the smart chips on Sheets and other Google Workspace apps, pack a punch. Then there are search chips, which landed on apps like Google Drive not too long ago, helping users find their files in a flash.

With these fresh chips popping up in Calendar, it's clear Google has a ton of options for using chips in its ecosystem.

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