This in-app training Chrome extension will make you a Google Docs master

Whether you're just getting started with a Chromebook or your office is one of the millions switching to Google Docs — or maybe you're just curious, that's OK, too — if you need to know all the tricks to becoming a Google apps wizard, this Chrome extension is for you.

Formerly known as Synergyse Training, the Training for Google APPs extension will walk you through everything you can do, and how to do it, for Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Slides, and Gmail with interactive videos and tips. Best of all, it works inside the apps themselves so you can learn by doing while you're watching.

After you install the extension (and refresh any currently open Google app tabs or windows) you'll notice a small rainbow Google-riffic button in the top right. Clicking it opens a menu where you can search out how to do just about anything.

Google training

When you choose one of the entries, a sizable floating window with an interactive video will play that walks you through all the steps and explains why you're doing them. The videos are fairly short, ranging between three and five minutes, and very concise and focused. The one thing I didn't like was that the next new video in the series will autoplay after a short warning time. There seems to be no way to adjust this setting.

The content itself is awesome. I've been playing with it for a few days since a friend at Google tipped me about the new update. I've not only found out how to do things I didn't know I could do but also that I've been doing some things in a clunky and roundabout way when a simple more direct approach is available. And I've been using Google Docs every day for almost seven years.

The extension is free from Google, and can be installed right through the Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, or Linux, or on your Chromebook. It's really worth a look if you need to use Google's apps!

Donwload from the Chrome Web Store

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • What's the craic with the site now guys? You turning into 9 to 5 Google? Becoming OMG Chrome? Becoming a Engadget competitor? Becoming Chrome Central or Google Central? Seriously guys, just stop it, I visit Chrome OS based sites for Chrome news and it doesn't need sharing on a Android based site.
  • Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are now Android devices. You can love it or hate it, but you aren't going to change it.
  • I could understand if this extension worked for Android, which it doesn't, which we all also know extensions do not work on Android (or at least we know that for now, who knows what the future might hold).
  • Lol welcome to reality. Android is closer to Google than ever before. How would you separate any of the things you mentioned? All of these news sites were named before 2016 and are not going to change their names.
  • They still aren't the same, they still aren't merged yet, and there will still be differences between the two. Likewise, seeing extensions on the mobile chrome browser is quite unlikely to happen anytime soon (or even ever at all). As a side note, I wish the pathetic reddit style downvoting would include at least, the name of the user who downvoted, or offer to make them a comment to say at the least. Nothing worse then someone disagreeing with you and not giving a reason...
  • AC has been posting Chrome OS articles for a while now, recommending Chromebooks and the such. And even then, it's much more understandable (even logic) that those iPhone and Playstation articles.
  • I can see one logic in these articles.. that they apply to or involve android. This extension however involves chrome, and chrome only.
  • Not so, Google Docs, Keep, Sheets, are all on my Android devices as well. I'm thinking the lessons learned can be extrapolated applied
  • Desktop docs is nothing like Android docs. To even suggest that on such a small screen should of sent you signals about that suggestion being so ridiculous.. Also, as mentioned, and my main point, it clearly says this is a extension, which we know is not available on Chrome for Android.
  • I use docs on my tablet all the time. The tips it gives to use it still apply
  • These aren't just "tips" as tips don't require a extension, these are interactive tips, and it's a whole different ballgame. Thats the difference between showing someone and giving them a few pointers. Would make a huge difference to the novice user.
  • I downvoted you and not commented because I'm tired of people complaining to keep Android-only articles. I, for one, like Chrome OS articles even if I haven't used it and am not planning to. It's really not hard to just skip the article based on the headline.
  • Well thank you for your response at the very least, better then nothing isn't it? I raise my counterpoint again... You have websites that deal with a certain speciality or certain subject, it might be your favourite sport or favourite games console. Equally it could be a general sports page or a general games console page. People will visit one, because they don't like the other, and people will visit one because they like them all. In other words, a football fan who only likes football may only use his teams website, a general sports fan may visit many pages or page that contains all sports. Quite simply put, there is a certain theme on this website, and we all expect to see Android articles. No one expects to see Playstation VR and as people have said, it looks like the Xbox is being ignored and thats quite unfair.... I go to a Android website to read Android news, if you choose to go to a website with perhaps general Google news then fair enough thats your choice, but at least you know whatb to expect on that website. If that website again started doing non google news on a Google based website then you'd be wasting alot of time scrolling past stuff you shouldn't have to scroll past in the first place. Imagine if all website did this? We shouldn't have to scroll past articles we've already read (elsewhere) that shouldn't be there in the first place. A bit of internet etiquette wouldnt do a miss.
  • I get your point. But I also want to read about other things written by these guys. If they made a different website for every product, it won't be feasible.
    Take VRHeads for example, when Russell used to post all VR articles on AC, I read about them and found them interesting but now I hardly go to VRHeads.
    Also, your point for ChromeOS is not valid as Mobile Nations have been covering most popular products of their respective companies like Windows Central covers everything Microsoft related -both Desktop and mobile OS, Xbox, Band, IoT etc. Same for iMore covering all OSs of Apple like iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and so on. Likewise, AC covers everything Google related- Android, Chrome OS, Android Wear, Android TV, Google Home etc.
    Now, they could rename it to Google Central but Android Central is a more catchy name and has now become brand-like.
    PlayStation articles are not Android/Google related but again some of us like to read about other things once in a while and it's more fun if it's written by these guys and comments by our AC community. Also, you can find detailed coverage for Xbox on Windows Central and as Russell said, he is going to be sharing his thoughts on it too!
  • Man, that might be my longest comment ever lol
  • Too bad it's not available except on Chrome, I canned that browser a few months back and have never looked back. Maybe they'll roll out so it's available to those of us Google fans that don't use Chrome.
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I've been moving all of my work in Word and Excel to Doc and Sheets and this will really help me.
  • Some of the points that ChromeOS should be a seperate MobileNations site from Android Central are valid. Just because (a few) Chromebooks can run Android apps doesn't mean the two have quite merged just yet: there's still a major difference between tablets and Crhomebooks right now, and my 8 inch tablet and my 15 inch Chromebook are used in different ways for different tasks.
  • Spelled download wrong.
    "Donwload from the Chrome Web Store" Just saying..... ;-)
  • Its 2016, Grammar ****'s still exist? Good lord.... And the word N.A.Z.I? Is on a filter?
  • Bad grammar and spelling still exist, so yes.
  • They do exist, but that doesn't mean we still need them about. It's a type of trolling, neckbeard style.
  • More of these please. More Jerry how to articles. Well done AC.