Google Docs to get AI-backed grammar suggestions for Spanish speakers today, Smart Compose within months

Smart Compose Google Docs
Smart Compose Google Docs (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google is adding support for its AI-powered grammar suggestions to Spanish speakers in Google Docs.
  • It will also introduce Smart Compose and spelling autocorrect to the word processor.
  • Both Smart Compose and autocorrect are coming to Spanish users later this year.

Today, Google is making grammar suggestions available to Spanish speakers. When typing in Docs, the company will offer up more concise, or more grammatically correct phrasing as you type. It'll also be context-aware, dynamically adapting its suggestions if you switch between Spanish and English on the fly.

Later this year, it plans on adding Smart Compose and spelling autocorrect to the app.

Google's Vishnu Sivaji, Product Manager, G Suite said:

Every week, more than 3 billion keystrokes are saved with Smart Compose in Gmail, which uses Google AI to help you compose emails. We launched Smart Compose in Docs earlier this year to help cut back on repetitive writing, reduce the chance of spelling and grammatical errors, and even suggest relevant contextual phrases. Along with autocorrect in Spanish, we'll bring the power of Smart Compose to Docs in Spanish later this year.

The goal of Smart Compose and similar features is to help users type faster and produce more content, having the computer take care of smoothing out your work for you. Of course, there's no substitute for a real human reader taking a second look at whatever you've done, but every little bit helps.

Like it does with Engish, Google says that it will be leveraging the power of Google Search to learn which words become accepted in the common lexicon to improve the accuracy of its AI over time.

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