Google Voice update brings those widgets you have been lusting for

Just like the rest of us, you have been craving those new Google Voice widgets ever since they leaked onto the internet from that G2 ROM. All you have to do is update your current Google Voice app. 

The Google Voice Inbox widget (top) lets you get a quick preview of any messages; a tap will open up the selected message in its entirety. The Google Voice Settings widget has four buttons, which:

  • Launch Google Voice 
  • Compose new message
  • Toggle Google Voice call settings (you can use Google Voice for outgoing calls if you want)
  • Toggle "do not disturb" mode

The update is in the Market now, so happy updating! [Google Voice Blog] Thanks to Michael and CliqAnDroid for the tips! 

Kyle Gibb
  • "Hey Tom, that he just calling to 2 last" Looks like Google still has some work to do...
  • Very true ;)
  • No its people who speak ebonics or slang or overemphasize their words and dont speak clearly which are the problem. I do agree google could fix the transcript though :)
  • Will you please(with eight e's) email me your wallpaper?!? also, would you be able to shed light on this topic?
  • thank you!
  • Awesome! I was going to ask the same thing!
  • Thanks to LauncherPro Plus, I've stretched the Inbox to 4 across, and shrunk the controls to 2 across. Much better.
  • I did the same with ADW.
  • Yeah i'll have to do the same, should have at least been able to center it! lame.
  • Be nice if they fix the "Reading Setting..." bug though :/
  • Not seen that. Can you describe?
  • It doesn't seem to be happening to everyone but its been around for a few months now. After you do the "dial this number to setup voicemail..." thing, you get a "Reading Settings..." dialog and it just sits there. The only way to fix it and get access to GV is to reboot the phone & it works fine after that. Here's a Google search showing some forums entries dating back to Jan 2010:,24535,25901,26446,26512&sugexp...
  • I really don't see much to recommend this upgrade. The widgets are not all that useful, other than the Compose SMS message (if you use a lot of SMS via your GV number). I'd rather use the notifications system for message alerts rather than having it take up room on my screen, and I rarely change my GV settings, as I suspect most users don't. A single icon to launch GV SMS compose, which could replace your stock text message app would be more useful for most people with GV numbers. (As more of my contacts have Android phones, I use Google Talk more and more, and regular SMS less and less. I'm thinking I could drop my SMS plan all together). This version still sticks you with individual numbers for each contact making free calls via fave5/a-list pretty restrictive. (No more single outgoing number to add to your list).
  • Oh, and Google Maps got updates too. Filtering on range and ranking while searching for restaurants, etc.
  • After setting up my PIN, I get a popup that says: We have a problem Your phone number could not be verified. Please try again I tried multiple times (also rebooted the phone), and still get this message. Any advice? Thanks
  • Choose "Use another account" or whatever that button is and then just re-enter the same login information. Worked for me.
  • I like the Samus Aran wallpaper.
  • I want that wallpaper too! I tried the link but it said the page isn't found.