Google TV updated to version 3.0, brings Voice Search and Prime Time

Google has officially announced the Google TV 3 software update, and along with all the behind-the-scenes changes that should help the stability issues, there are a couple really cool new user-facing features.

Voice Search allows you to interact with your Google TV by using your voice. As the name suggests, you can search for titles, or genre, or channel, but it gies beyond that. The examples given are asking your GTV "how to tie a bow tie" which finds and opens a Youtube instructional video, and asking to "search movies with Jeff Bridges" which returns results in a new, refined visual search page.

The Google TV Movies and TV app has been redesigned, and along with the new name of Prime Time comes a new way of finding your favorite content. You can access Prime Time from anywhere, and the new visual layout lets you flip through the best of live TV, your favorite channels, shows you've recently watched, and content based on things you already like to watch. It sounds pretty amazing, and if it works like we see in the video above it is.

The bad news of course is that it will be a while until anyone sees it. LG is rolling it out in "the coming weeks" to their smart television sets, and other second gen euipment will see the update in the coming months. If you're still using a first generation Google TV unit, have no fear -- both the new Youtube app and Prime Time are headed your way.

Source: Official Google TV blog

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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