Google TV starting to show up in Android Market device listings

If you're a Google TV owner, you're no doubt still waiting to see when, exactly Google will be making Android Market access available. The good news -- it looks like today was a small step toward that as some people are now seeing their Google TV systems show up in the Android Market device listings. The bad news -- we still don't know when the 3.x update and Market access is coming but we're hoping this is a sign of it being soon. Also, Google just scooped up SageTV in a deal that will bring SageTV features to Google TV -- so alas, things are still moving on the Google TV front, and that pleases us.

Thanks, Samlehman90

  • Things could be about to get better for Google TV. Lots of potential as an app platform.
  • This actually started to happen at least two days ago.
  • My GTV box needs help. Crossing my fingers that HC will be sweet. Just having the Market would make this box useful. I'm ready for adb.
  • great aericle, good info for me