Google TV may soon block certain adult content from automatically playing

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What you need to know

  • Google seems to be working on a "restricted mode" for Google TV that will filter out content deemed inappropriate for kids.
  • The launcher may also be adding a watchlist feature for kids profile and additional free streaming content.
  • These changes were discovered in strings of code as part of the most recent Google TV update.

Google could soon make the streaming experience on many of the best Android TVs a lot safer for young viewers. The search giant is apparently developing a new feature for Google TV that will prevent adult content from automatically playing on the home screen.

The new content filter feature, dubbed "restricted mode," was discovered by 9to5Google in the most recent update to the Android TV launcher. As its name implies, the feature will make hiding age-inappropriate content from kids a breeze.

However, restricted mode appears to be effective only on ad-supported free movies and TV shows as well as their trailers. To unlock this setting, you'll need to use your PIN.

Some string in the launcher's new update also mentions "Google TV Channels," which could be in reference to additional free content. Google TV already allows you to stream more than 300 live TV channels for free, courtesy of its Pluto TV alliance.

Another interesting feature discovered by 9to5 is a watchlist section for the kids profile on Google TV, which was introduced earlier last year. You can check out our detailed guide for setting up a kids profile here. While the launcher already has strong parental controls, there's currently no way for children to add content to a dedicated destination on their home screen.

These features promise to improve the home screen experience on Google TV. That said, there's still no word on when Google will roll out personalized profiles, a feature that's already long overdue following its delay late last year.

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