Google TV for EDU announced, education through web and TV

The Google TV team has announced on its blog that it will be partnering up with colleges around the country to bring Google TV to campuses. The program is called Google TV for EDU. The new program is designed to promote research through web and TV.

The big G is no stranger to research and creation. The company encourages their own Googlers to be creative as possible at work. So, to bring one of their new products to the academic world is nothing surprising.

Google is asking college researchers these questions : How can education change the world of the Web the TV for the classroom. Specifically, we’re asking faculty how their research could:

  • Generate new interest in television engineering
  • Make computer science tangible for students
  • Help in the development of smart TV curricula and new educational tools
  • Contribute to in-classroom and distance learning over television
  • Reach a wide audience

According to Google, "select" faculty have received Logitech Revue boxes. What "select" schools or faculty were not listed. [Google TV Blog]

Andrew Melnizek