Google Translate Material You redesign arrives on non-Pixel Android phones

Google Pixel 6 Pro Translate
Google Pixel 6 Pro Translate (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Translate gets redesigned on non-Pixel smartphones.
  • The app features Material You redesigns and utilizes more of the display.
  • The redesign should be available on phones with Android 12 and earlier.

More Android owners are finally getting to try the once Pixel 6-exclusive Google Translate redesign after users noticed on Friday (via XDA-Developers) that the app had been updated on non-Pixel smartphones.

The redesign is based on Google's Material You design language prevalent on Android 12 and Google's own apps. It utilizes your phone's full display and features large rounded buttons for each function. They're also placed towards the bottom of the screen for better reachability.

Some features like Conversations and the Camera look largely the same, but the Transcribe feature is now just a large button with a microphone. The hamburger menu is also gone, with the user's profile thumbnail hovering at the top right corner, similar to Google's other apps.

Source: Android Central

The redesign was only available on the Pixel 6 series before it began arriving on older Pixel smartphones in November. Now, any of the best Android phones will be able to try the new Translate experience.

So far, it has shown up on our Galaxy Note 20 Ultra running Android 12 and our LG Wing running Android 11, among other devices, meaning it's not exclusive to Google's latest software version.

The redesign should show up on version 6.28 of the app. It may take some time to show up on your phone — we noticed it much later on the Wing — but in case you're impatient, you can always download the latest Google Translate APK from APKMirror.

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