Google Translate for Android introduces speech-to-speech translations for 14 languages

Google has now taken the covers off their latest Google Translate update and it's a big one. In an effort to help bring down language barriers, Google Translate has brought  speech-to-speech translations for 14 languages to Android.

We began with just English and Spanish, but today we’re expanding to 14 languages, adding Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Russian and Turkish.

To help with speech translations, Google Translate now also allows you to correct entries before sending them off for translations. Now when you speak, fluffy bunny with a mouth full of marshmallows and it turns out to be "funny money" you'll be able to correct it to ensure correct translation.

Translated text gets a tweak as well, you can now pich-to-zoom on text to view it better as well enter unrecognized words to your personal dictionary. The update is now live in the Android Market, you'll find the download past the break for you all.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

  • Neat, but seems only Spanish prompts to "Enter Conversation Mode". Where are the other 13 languages? Am I missing something :-( I was hoping to show it off to my Dutch colleges.
  • Works for me. I assume you've installed the new version released today?
  • Yeah, never had it installed until today. Unless it wasn't quite in the Market yet when I saw the first video demo-ing Japanese this morning. I mean, it works in that it translates and I can hit the speaker to hear the speech. But not the conversation mode that they show. Bummer. Guess I'll delete it and try again.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled fixed it.
  • I do not have the icon for the microphone. Not sure why. evo4g cm7.
  • Do you have a supported language selected? The microphone won't show up if you're in "detect language" mode.
  • Now all I need is to find strangers that aren't scared when I hold my phone up to there face.
  • Right?! Especially in Europe, a good number of folks speak a little English anyhow. And my dutch colleges would just look at me, and in a very matter-of-fact-tone say: "I speak English just fine."
  • Yeah, in Holland our English is ok. But you've ever been to Italy or France? Phu, no offence, but you're gonna need this app! (I know there are a lot excepions)
  • Dankuwel! Uw Engels is beter dan mij Nederlands. Ik heb niet gegaan naar Italië of Frankkrijk. Maar, ik heb deze app nodig in de Verenigd Koninkrijk, denk ik .... Deze Americaanse begrijpt ze niet, lol (OK, so I'm still learning Nederlands )
  • Getting not compatible message on Nexus S... But I have the previous version installed. Huh?
  • I would remove it completely and the load it again. It wasn't working right on my NS either (See above)
  • Didn't help unfortunately. Copied the apk to my sd and then uninstalled. Don't suppose you could upload the 2.2 apk somewhere? :)
  • I don't know how I feel about this translating stuff when Google Voice has a hard enough time transcribing my Asian dad's voicemails... (it fails >80% of the words).
  • The japanese works great! I'm impressed - usually apps like this mess up Japanese pretty awfully.
  • Hello, jonneh,
    My wife is japanese and would love to know how to use as much firepower from Google translate as possible.
    I'm told that she can: Speak Japanese into her phone and it will translate into any # of languages for a speech - to - speech msg (voice msg?) text - to - text - Seems like it only translates one word at a time, not complete messages Write japanese characters with a stylus or her fingers and have it translated to both English txt msgs or voice msgs. Does any of this work, and is there someplace where she can access directions to do it. The people at the Verizon store were clueless. BTW, it's a Motorola Bionic
  • They say it has Portugese (Brazilian) but it is portugese from Portugal.
  • Some of the languages do not show the language alphabets. And some of the language grammar is wrong.