Late last month, Google introduced a trade-in program on the Google Store. Buying a new Pixel or Pixel 2 gives you the option to trade in your old phone to help offset the cost of your purchase, and with Google offering as much as $410 for a Pixel XL, it's one of the better programs of its kind.

However, shortly after its launch, some confusion surrounding the eligibility of the quoted trade-in prices arose. Earlier this week, Droid Life spotted some conflicting information from Google. Some customers reported that Google representatives told them they had a 30-day window after the quote was offered to trade-in their old phone, but the Made by Google Twitter account was saying that customers actually had 50 days to do this.

This is a small change, but one that will be greatly appreciated by those with Pixel 2 orders not expected to ship until next month.

In other words, it was believed that you had 50 (or 30) days after getting the quote with your new phone purchase to send in your old device. That may not sound like a big deal at first, but with many Pixel 2 preorders not expected to ship out until some point in November, a lot of people started to get worried.

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Thankfully, Google has updated its policy to eliminate a lot of potential stress.

Once your new phone is delivered, you'll have 30 days from that date to return your old phone to get the quote that Google offered when you initially made that purchase. This isn't the biggest change in the world, but it's a smart one that Google was right to make. Well done.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL