Google shows off the power of 5G with a movie giveway in the UK

Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5 (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Maps in the UK now hides codes for free classic movies.
  • Google is adding new movies every three days from November 25 till December 7.
  • The codes are limited, so you may miss out if you don't act fast.

As the UK remains under lockdown, traveling to the cinema is a no go. Google is launching a mobile cinema that brings the cinema experience to the palm of your hand. As a bonus, this also serves to highlight the fast download speeds that 5G offers — if you're in an area with coverage of course.

Google explained its "mobile cinema" as follows:

Because it's the season of giving, we have our own gift for you: If you're in the U.K., you can download classic films, such as "Four Weddings and a Funeral" or "Monty Python's Life of Brian," all from a unique Google Map, now until Dec. 10. Transport yourself to a world of nostalgia by searching the map for symbols that represent the films in relevant locations. If you find one, you'll receive a code to rediscover and enjoy the movie in Google Play

You can find the unique, interactive Google Map here. Google will add movies every three days, each day dedicated to a different genre. On the 28th, it's adding comedy movies. On December 1, we'll get a new batch of period pieces, with thriller and drama rounding out the run.

Google is strongly pushing this mobile cinema experience with its new 5G Pixels, but neither 5G nor Google Maps are Pixel exclusives, so you can redeem the codes on any compatible Google Play-enabled phone and download it at your leisure.

That said, Google's Pixel 5 and 4a 5G are excellent phones in their own right. While other 5G phones are definitely better value (especially when deals kick in), sometimes Pixels scratch a unique itch.

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