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Google seems to be making a 10-inch Smart Display w/ a built-in Nest camera

Google Nest Hub
Google Nest Hub (Image credit: Android Central)

The Google Home Hub (opens in new tab), Google's first and only Smart Display, is one of my favorite gadgets of last year. According to an odd leak on the Google Store, it looks like we could soon be getting a successor to it.

Spotted by Android Police, a page on the official Google Store website mentions a product that's yet to be announced — the Nest Hub Max. The name is outed on a page talking about Google's various smart products, and while there isn't a picture of it, some of its features are revealed.

According to the Google Store page, the Nest Hub Max will have a 10-inch HD display, stereo speakers, and support video calls via Google Duo — something not available on the Home Hub. Even more exciting, the following is also mentioned:

Keep an eye on things at home with Nest Hub Max's built-in Nest Cam and get motion and sound alerts.

The idea of combining a security camera and a smart display into one product isn't something I've previously thought about, but I now want it ASAP. A feature like this just makes sense, especially considering Google's ownership of Nest, and it'll be interesting to see how much this added functionality adds to the price compared to similar smart displays.

Then again, it's also possible this gadget may not even exist. We don't have pictures of it, a release date, and the name "Nest Hub Max" doesn't really fit in with Google's other products. Whatever happens, we'll be keeping our eyes and ears to the ground should any additional information pop-up.

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  • I would think there's a huge difference between where you'd place a security camera versus a smart display like this, but I guess more is better, as long as it's not way more expensive as a result.
  • @TitusThorngate - I am sure they will come up with some ridiculous price...
  • I have my smart display in the bedroom and would probably disable the security camera feature. That being said I would like to have a camera for video calls.